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It Begins: Democrat Using Boston Bombing As Justification To Restrict Sale Of Black Powder

It Begins: Democrat Using Boston Bombing As Justification To Restrict Sale Of Black Powder

America is facing a national ammo shortage. As gun sales have rocketed, so has demand for ammunition and for reasons this observer still can’t quite understand ammo manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with demand. It’s gotten so bad that law enforcement agencies here in North Dakota are rationing ammo. One path around the


Washington DC’s Obamacare Exchange Rules That Smoking Is A Pre-Existing Condition

Just another way in which Obamacare will make health insurance more expensive and harder to get: The District of Columbia’s Obamacare czars — the board that sets rules for the phony insurance marketplace, or “exchange,” that the law creates — have decided that henceforth insurers shall be forbidden by law to charge smokers higher rates


Brilliant New Solution To Health Care Costs: Government Price Controls

Pricing is paramount in a free market. Price signals are what regulates the market. They’re set by supply and demand, and in turn control supply and demand. When supplies are short, and demand is high, prices go up to protect supply and discourage demand. Price also encourages expansion of supply to meet demand by being


Chris Christie Announces Fuel Rationing In New Jersey

In order to address problems with fuel shortages in New Jersey caused by Hurricane Sandy, Governor Chris Christie has announced mandatory fuel rationing: New Jersey’s gas crunch in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has become so severe that state officials are implementing gas rationing for passenger vehicles in the counties hardest hit by the storm.


In Defense Of “Price Gouging”

There’s a natural disaster and an emergency on the east coast right now, so of course politicians are scrambling to issue strong denunciations of “price gouging.” Case in point, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Gov. Chris Christie issued a forceful reminder to merchants: Price gouging during a state of emergency is illegal; will be investigated


Biden: Women Should Be “Entitled To Every Single, Solitary Operation”

“I got a daughter, lost a daughter, got four granddaughters, and Barack has two daughters,” said Vice President Joe Biden recently on the campaign stump. “We are absolutely — this is to our core — my daughter, and my granddaughters and Barack’s daughters are entitled to every single solitary operation!” Here’s the video: I’m not


Is It Price Gouging, Or The Market Rationing Resources In The Face Of Spiking Demand?

As is usually the case, news of a natural disaster is followed by news of supposedly unscrupulous or unethical retailers raising prices. The latest example is Florida, where panicked citizens were buying up fuel at a rapid pace while fleeing the storm, or preparing to feed generators while they sit it out. In the face


Mitt Romney Claims Romneycare Is “Working Pretty Well”

Mitt Romney’s defense of Romneycare to conservatives has always hinged on federalism. That sort of policy wouldn’t be right nationally, but states are free to implement it. And he’s right, but that doesn’t change the fact that Romneycare is top-down, government-controlled health care of the sort no conservative should support whatever level of government is


Why Do Democrats Want To Keep Americans Locked Into A Bad Medicare Deal?

With Romney’s pick of fiscal straight-talker Paul Ryan as his running mate he’s ensured that the debate which will dominate the rest of campaign season will be entitlements. Specifically Medicare, for which Rep. Ryan has proposed some controversial reforms. According to Democrats and their surrogates, Ryan’s plan would be a bad deal for seniors. According


The States Have Begun Rationing Health Care

The truth is that rationing exists in any market. No entity, be it an individual or a business or the government, can provide an infinite supply of something on a finite budget. At some point, there will be rationing, because at some point somebody has to pay for what you’re getting. So the question, in