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State Lawyer Misses Paul Sorum Lawsuit Hearing In Mixup

State Lawyer Misses Paul Sorum Lawsuit Hearing In Mixup

Last week I wrote a couple of times about a lawsuit filed by Paul Sorum, who ran for the NDGOP nomination for governor in 2012 and then ran on the statewide ballot as an independent when he lost, requesting that the courts throw out over 300,000 votes for the Republican and Democrat candidates and name


Guest Hosting The Jay Thomas Show 2-5pm

Because he apparently doesn’t like to work on Fridays, I’m guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show today from 2-5pm on WDAY AM970 in Fargo from 2-5pm today. You can listen live at this link. Call in numbers are 701-293-9000 locally in Fargo and toll-free 888-970-9329. You can also send me tweets at @robport during the


Lawsuit To Remove North Dakota Governor Doesn’t Get Any Less Silly After Reading

Yesterday I wrote about a lawsuit filed by erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Paul Sorum demanding that over 309,000 ballots cast for Republican Jack Dalrymple and Democrat Ryan Taylor – representing 97 percent of all ballots – be tossed out because the Certificate of Endorsement form for those candidates wasn’t filled out correctly. Today I’ve obtained the


Can A Lawsuit Make A Man Who Got Less Than 2% Of The Vote Governor Of North Dakota?

In the 2012 election, Governor Jack Dalrymple and Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley received 200,526 votes representing 63.1 percent of all ballots cast. Paul Sorum, gubernatorial candidate who lost the NDGOP endorsement to Dalrymple then ran on the general election ballot as an independent, got 5,356 votes or 1.69 percent of all ballots cast. Now, 477

Jack Dalrymple

Guest Post: Governor Dalrymple Has Made 154 Rulings In Favor Oil Company He Owns Stock In

As Chair of the North Dakota Industrial Commission, Governor Dalrymple has made 154 rulings in favor of Exxon Mobile’s subsidiary XTO. In light of the fact that Governor Dalrymple has officially admitted he owns stock in Exxon Mobile, this is not just a glaring conflict of interest, it is a racket. It is a systematic


ND House Passes Bill Aimed At Dalrymple Grand Jury Petition

In a sad spectacle, a group of seriously misguided political activists have been trying to get North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple indicted for bribery because he accepted and disclosed perfectly legal political contributions. These activists contend that Dalrymple, who is generally favorable to oil development in the state, accepted political contributions from individuals and PAC’s


More Transparency, Not Less Political Speech

The group behind the petition to empanel a grand jury to investigate Governor Jack Dalrymple for accepting contributions from individuals and businesses that he also governs is appealing the dismissal of their case. State law allows for grand jury proceedings to be initiated through a number of petition signatures equal to a certain percentage of


Judge Tosses Grand Jury Petition Accusing Dalrymple Of Bribery

Southwest Judicial District Judge William Herauf ruled yesterday that a petition to empanel a grand jury to investigate bribery accusations against Governor Jack Dalrymple was not only short signatures but also filed in the wrong jurisdiction, proving that the people behind the petition may not have as firm a grasp on the issue as they’d