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Obama’s Grade On The Economy Slips From A B+ To Incomplete

Obama’s Grade On The Economy Slips From A B+ To Incomplete

Back in 2009 President Barack Obama gave himself a “good, sold B-plus” on the economy during an interview with 60 Minutes.  Now, heading into the week of the Democrat National Convention where he’ll accept his party’s nomination for a second term in office, Barack Obama is giving himself an “incomplete.” Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is wondering, “Four


“This Plant Will Be Here For Another Hundred Years”

-Barack H. Obama, GM Assembly Plant, Janesville, WI, February 13, 2008. So, then, all those people who said that Paul Ryan was lying, were…lying? Let’s be charitable and just say they haven’t the slightest idea what they are talking about! Note what else Obama said: “If our government is there to support you, and give


Free Market Capitalism And Democratic Socialism Cannot Coexist

In The Telegraph Janet Daley writes that America’s presidential election is important well beyond the borders of America.  It is a debate about the sustainability of what the oft-fetishized political “middle” wants, which is a democratic socialist welfare state alongside free market capitalism. Last week’s Republican national convention sharpened what had been until then only a vague,


The Future Of American Affluence Isn’t What It Used To Be

For the Wilson Quarterly, Robert Samuelson writes that while America will inevitably recover from the Great Recession we’re currently mired in, that recovery isn’t likely to benefit America’s younger generations as the demands of government put greater and greater burden on their wealth: For millions of younger Americans—say, those 40 and under—living better than their


Moral Hazard Is Central To What Ails America

In today’s Grand Forks Herald editorial, Tom Dennis decides to cut Rep. Paul Ryan some slack. Dennis and his editorial board have been pretty tough on Ryan, but Dennis wants to give Romney’s running mate some credit for his focus on “moral hazard.” Which represents some fairly inconsistent thinking for the folks at the Herald.

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Shocker: Fargo Forum Columnist Contributes To Democrats

I just had to shake my head today when I spied this headline in the Fargo Forum over a column written by Sunday columnist Jane Ahlin: I wouldn’t bother to read it. Ahlin is an uninteresting writer to begin with, and this is all subject matter you’ve heard before. Republican hate women because they believe


Mitt Romney Claims Romneycare Is “Working Pretty Well”

Mitt Romney’s defense of Romneycare to conservatives has always hinged on federalism. That sort of policy wouldn’t be right nationally, but states are free to implement it. And he’s right, but that doesn’t change the fact that Romneycare is top-down, government-controlled health care of the sort no conservative should support whatever level of government is

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Newsweek: We Need A New President

In Newsweek, which normally has a reliably leftward cant to its reporting and editorial positions, Niall Ferguson is making the case for a different president. An excerpt: [T]he total number of private-sector jobs is still 4.3 million below the January 2008 peak. Meanwhile, since 2008, a staggering 3.6 million Americans have been added to Social

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Poll: Disapproval In The 60’s For Obama’s Handling Of Budget Deficit

The narrative from the left about Mitt Romney’s pick of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate is that it was a benefit to the President, and especially congressional races like the Senate race between Heidi Heitkamp and Rick Berg here in North Dakota, because Ryan is supposedly so “extreme” on budget matters. The problem