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U.S. Open Protest

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmental activists are planning a week of protests against oil by rail shipments in remembrance of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, derailment and explosion which killed 47 people. That train was hauling oil from North Dakota’s oil fields. In fact, most of the oil produced in North Dakota is shipped by rail these days thanks to a lack of

Flames are seen on a CSX train following the derailment of a tank car carrying a Òhighly flammable and toxicÓ gas Thursday, July 2, 2015, in Maryville. The single tank car loaded with acrylonitrile, a hazardous material used in a variety of industrial processes including the manufacture of plastics, forced an evacuation of residences and businesses in a two-mile radius. (MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

Train Derailment Forces Evacuation In Tennessee But No Big Deal Because It Wasn’t Oil

Anti-oil activists have been making a stink about rail safety of late, blustering about “bomb trains” and other hyperboles. And while the safe transport of oil is certainly a worthy topic of discussion, one gets the idea that these train derailments are less about public safety than about hamstringing oil. With the anti-oil activists successfully

Derrick hand Scott Berreth (right) rappelled through the drilling rig structure as the crew prepared to restart machinery after some repairs had been made earlier in the morning.  ]  (JIM GEHRZ/STAR TRIBUNE) / December 17, 2013, Watford City, ND – BACKGROUND INFORMATION- PHOTOS FOR USE IN FINAL PART OF NORTH DAKOTA OIL BOOM PROJECT:  Men work around the clock at Raven Rig No. 1 near Watford City, one of nearly 200 towering oil rigs in the Bakken. Once the rigs drill holes, several miles deep and then several miles horizontally, hydraulic fracturing technology (“fracking”) is then employed to extract oil and natural gas from the underlying shale formation.

There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

Over the weekend I wrote about an article in the Atlantic headlined, “A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust.” It was written by former Bismarck Tribune reporter Mara Van Ells and, frankly, it doesn’t reflect reality here in North Dakota. As North Dakota-based Reuters reporter Ernest Scheyder wrote on Twitter, there is no bust and Van Ells’ reference to “Exxon


Are Some In The National Media Rooting For A North Dakota Oil Bust?

Back in 2009 Rush Limbaugh stirred controversy, as he usually does, by telling his radio audience that he hoped President Barack Obama would fail. Now, in Limbaugh’s defense, he was talking about his desire to avoid the sort of policy reforms Obama was intent on implementing. I don’t think Limbaugh was saying he wanted people


Heidi Heitkamp: Allowing U.S. Crude Oil Exports Won’t Raise Gas Prices

North Dakota Democrats love hating on Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm, but this morning the state’s top elected Democrat appeared alongside him on CNBC’s Squakbox to defend his call to end America’s ban on exporting crude oil. Heitkamp rejected the most common argument against ending the ban, which is that it would cause domestic gas


When Environmentalists Are Bad For The Environment

In recent years North Dakota has had a bit of a waste management issue in western North Dakota. More people, and more traffic and activity, has produced more waste in the oil patch and created a need for more waste disposal infrastructure. And we aren’t just talking about trash in the ditches, either. Several instances


Debunked: Oil Company Is Not Giving Bigger Bonuses For Speed Versus Safety

Yesterday I wrote about a story produced by the Center for Investigative Journalism, and picked up by media outlets like Politico and Reveal, which was built on a faulty premise. The story argues that, during North Dakota’s oil boom, the safety of oilfield workers was sacrificed. Yet, as I noted yesterday, that’s not really true.


Is The Oil Boom A Serial Killer? Rate Of Oil Worker Deaths Is Actually Down

The Center for Investigative Reporting has a rather unfortunate article about worker deaths in North Dakota’s oil fields which has also been picked up by Politico Magazine. I say it’s an unfortunate story for a couple of reasons. First, it uses some pretty sensational language. The headline for the original article is, “In North Dakota’s Bakken