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Michael Filloon: Are North Dakota’s Oil Taxes Too High?

Michael Filloon: Are North Dakota’s Oil Taxes Too High?

North Dakota oil production taxes have seen significant debate recently.  It wasn’t the tax rate in general, but the tax trigger, which afforded oil producers a 45% tax break.  This trigger was recently replaced by a much less complicated system that varies only 2% depending on oil prices. Although the trigger was removed, it is


Not Prostitutes: Energy Industry Provides Jobs And Opportunity For Women

“Fracking as an industry serves men; 95 percent of the people employed in the gas fields are men,” ecologist and anti-fracking activist Sandra Steingraber said during a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh on April 6. “When we talk about jobs, we’re talking about jobs for men, and we need to say that. And the jobs


Three Affiliated Tribes Crying Wolf Over Oil Tax Changes

During the closing weeks of the 2015 legislative session lawmakers went to battle over a contentious reform to the state’s oil tax laws. With the possibility looming of a tax exemption triggered by low oil prices wiping out the 5 percent oil extraction tax entirely and blowing a multi-billion dollar hole in state tax revenues,


North Dakota General Fund Tax Revenues Down 16.7 Percent In April

Oil prices have fallen, and oil activity in North Dakota has slowed down. This is showing up in the state in all sorts of ways from declines in airline boardings to projected falls in enrollment for oil patch schools. It is starting to show up in the state’s tax revenue streams too per the Office


Should State Government Trump Local Government When It Comes To Energy Regulation?

The State of Texas has just passed an exercise in meta law. Lawmakers there have created a ban on fracking bans. “Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed into law a prohibition on cities and towns imposing local ordinances preventing fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities,” reports ABC News. “The


On Television: When Environmental Groups Have An Authenticity Problem

Last night on my regular television segment with Chris Berg on Valley News Live we discussed some of the concerns over funding of environmental and Native American groups – specifically Honor the Earth – who are active in opposing the Sandpiper Pipeline which would take a lot of North Dakota oil east from Tioga through


Why Is A Social Media Executive Responsible For National Rail Safety?

There’s been a lot of sturm und drang about what environmental zealots have deemed “bomb trains.” Every time an oil train derails there’s a renewed effort to blame the derailment on the oil industry. Because that fits the narrative of the environmental left. Yet, it’s increasingly clear that what we have isn’t an oil problem but


We Need To Stop Using the Term “Oil Boom”

The Grand Forks Herald today has an excellent editorial about why we need to lift America’s archaic and ill-advised ban on exporting oil. “Trade constraints twist the market in ways that leave the population worse off,” writes opinion editor Tom Dennis on behalf of the Herald. “Easing constraints untangles the twists, encourages investment and lets producers meet