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David Flynn: What Oil Price Is Profitable?

David Flynn: What Oil Price Is Profitable?

The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Clearly the idea is that one good image could relay information better than a lengthy description. There are two issues with that: 1) it needs to be the right graph, and 2) the graph may need at least some explanation. I think this


North Dakota’s New Flaring Goal In Context

Back in September the North Dakota Industrial Commission – the triumvirate made up of Governor Jack Dalrymple, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem which regulates, among other things, oil and gas development in the state – made some changes to a flaring reduction plan they had implemented in April 2014. Flaring has


The Political Obstruction Of Pipelines Is Killing North Dakota’s Oil Industry

For years now we’ve watched as the political left has done everything in their power to obstruct much needed pipeline infrastructure in America. The Obama administration’s endless bureaucratic filibuster of the Keystone XL pipeline – which would have capacity for 100,000 barrels per day of North Dakota crude – is the most obvious example, but


White Earth Spill Shows Why “Be Angry” Is Stupid Advice For North Dakota

Oil development is an emotionally charged issue, mostly because certain political interests are exhorting the public to be emotional about it. After all, wasn’t that the punch line to HBO comedian John Oliver’s polemic against North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom? One picked up by marginalized state Democrats, anxious for anything to give them


Shocker: Locals Say National Geographic’s “Fracking Hell” Isn’t Accurate

The National Geographic channel sent a film team to Williston to produce an episode of their Underworld, Inc. show called “Fracking Hell.” It depicted a story North Dakotans are used to hearing from the national media. One which paints the oil boom as awful, etc., etc. The problem is, according to the Williston Herald, the