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HBO Comedian John Oliver Expected To Cover The Bakken Oil Boom Sunday

HBO Comedian John Oliver Expected To Cover The Bakken Oil Boom Sunday

HBO comedian John Oliver is expected to talk about North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields on this Sunday’s edition of his Last Week Tonight show. Oliver is a smirking talking head in the Jon Stewart category where many poorly informed Americans get their news. You know the routine. The entertainer launches into a verbal polemic about some


Developers Go To War With Man Camps Over Dwindling Demand For Housing In The Oil Patch

Oil prices are down, oil and gas development has slowed, and oil workers are leaving the state. The latest unemployment numbers from North Dakota Job Service show an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent in August, the last month for which numbers are available, up slightly from 2.7 percent in August 2014. Yet that rate doesn’t tell


North Dakota College Students Still Bullish On Oil

“Oil bust saps U.S. students’ enthusiasm for petroleum degrees,” was the headline from Reuters last week. “Enrollment in U.S. petroleum engineering degree programs fell for the first time in 13 years this fall, as an oil industry slump makes college students wary of entering the boom and bust world of oil and gas,” reporter Edward McAllister


North Dakota Based Oil Soap Opera ‘Blood & Oil’ Loses Over One Million Viewers In Its Second Week

ABC’s new drama ‘Blood  & Oil’, which is based on North Dakota’s Bakken oil boom and is supposedly set in the state despite being shot in Utah’s Rocky Mountains, got modest ratings in its debut last week. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings got even more modest in week two. In fact, Don Johnson and the rest

North Dakota Pipeline Oil Spill

Oil Industry Doing Good Job With Cleanup After Tioga Pipeline Spill

It is an unfortunate truth about journalism that positive stories generally aren’t considered all that newsy. Thus it is that when an oil pipeline spilled a huge quantity of oil near Tioga, North Dakota – over 20,000 barrels of oil were spilled thanks to a leak caused by a lightning strike – it was national


North Dakota Democrats Target Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Ahead Of Flaring Ruling Decision

Tomorrow the North Dakota Industrial Commission, the regulatory triumvirate made up of Governor Jack Dalrymple, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring – will consider a request for an extension on new flaring regulations from the oil and gas industry. The industry, which helped develop the regulations, say falling oil prices and other


Surprise: Oil Volatility Probably Not A Significant Factor In Explosive Train Derailments

Anti-fossil fuel political activists have been trying to leverage headlines about oil train derailments into support for, well, any policy they can think of to inhibit the production and transportation of oil. Among their talking points is the idea that some crude oil – particularly the light, sweet crude produced in North Dakota’s Bakken oil