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Nearly Half Of Williston Hotel Rooms Are Sitting Empty Right Now

Nearly Half Of Williston Hotel Rooms Are Sitting Empty Right Now

Some news from Reuters illustrating the impact of declining oil prices on one of the communities at the epicenter of North Dakota’s oil patch: Nearly half of the hotel rooms in the epicenter of North Dakota’s energy boom have been sitting empty this year, yet another sign that plunging oil prices have cooled the economy


Let’s Give The North Dakota Oil Industry Some Much Deserved Credit On Flaring

Yesterday at a meeting of the North Dakota Industrial Commission – the regulatory triumvirate which oversees oil and gas development in North Dakota – the oil industry asked that flaring goals created by the state be pushed back. Starting on October 1 of 2016 the oil industry can flare no more than 15 percent of


David Flynn: North Dakota Labor Force Numbers Down, But Not In Oil Patch Counties

The recent drops and volatility in commodities markets, particularly oil, are well-known. One of the big ongoing questions for the state of North Dakota is the impact on the state economy of these new developments in oil. We have seen that oil and gas output is not necessarily suffering with the price decreases or volatility. So


Despite Political Obstruction Pipelines Have Caught Up With Rail In North Dakota

Shipping Bakken crude has become a hot-button political topic. Rail shipments are derided by fear mongering anti-oil activists as “bomb trains” but these same activists have also lined up to oppose pipeline infrastructure. You almost get the idea that they’d rather the oil stay in the ground. Still, there’s no question that pipelines are a

A BNSF freight train carrying tank cars back to the Bakken region of North Dakota rolls through Nyack, east of West Glacier, in June. Justin Franz | Flathead Beacon.

Firefighters Dispel “Voodoo” Myths Around Bakken “Bomb Train” Crude

“We’ve got people running around saying that it’s like a bomb on wheels,” Chauncey Naylor, director of training and fire and emergency response for Tyco Williams Fire & Hazard Control, is quoted as saying in the Summer 2015 issue of Industrial Fire World magazine (scanned version below). “It got us thinking that we ought to check

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Saudi Arabia May Go Bust Trying To Beat America’s Frackers

Recently Michael Filloon, Lead Energy Analyst for Splitrock Private Trading and Shaletrader.com, wrote a column for SAB explaining why American oil production has remained resilient in the face of falling oil prices. He provided far more detail than anyone outside of the oil or investment industries is probably comfortable with, but if we can boil his