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Another Ad Attacking Rick Berg Pulled From Television Stations Due To Inaccuracies

Another Ad Attacking Rick Berg Pulled From Television Stations Due To Inaccuracies

For the second time an ad attacking Rick Berg – this one sponsored by Harry Reid’s Majority PAC – has been pulled from North Dakota television stations due to inaccuracies. Here’s the ad, which repeats false allegations about Rick Berg billing taxpayers for expensive trips (among other things). I wrote about those accusations previously, noting


Rick Berg: Heidi Heitkamp Can’t Be Both For And Against Energy Development

Rick Berg appeared on the Scott Hennen Show today, broadcasting from the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting being held in Medora, and talked about the controversy over his opponent Democrat (though she doesn’t like that title) Heidi Heitkamp accepting contributions from a law firm engaged in anti-fracking legal activism. “You can’t be both for


NRSC Ad: Heidi Heitkamp Is Nice, But Obama Isn’t Awesome

Yes, I know, I’m praising yet another political ad fresh off of discounting their effectiveness at this point in North Dakota’s political cycle earlier this morning, but I like this one from the NRSC because I think it’s the sort of thing that might cut through some of the fatigue. The  One of the North


Are National Republicans Worried About Winning In North Dakota?

The NRSC announced that they’re putting big money into winning North Dakota’s Senate seat for Rick Berg, which would be a pick up from Democrats.  The narrative surrounding this move from some media outlets and, of course, the Democrats is that Republicans are worried about a race they had previously thought they’d win. Heidi Heitkamp


North Dakota Democrats Try To Send Video Of Heidi Heitkamp Praising Obama Down The Memory Hole

At the 2008 Democrat National Convention, Chad Nodland (who is one of the state party’s national committeeman) took video of Heidi Heitkamp and her brother Joel Heitkamp praising President Obama. Heitkamp, specifically, said that President Obama was “going to be amazing,” which obviously clashes with Heitkamp’s efforts to distance herself from Obama and her national


Heidi Heitkamp Has No Integrity

I don’t normally post a lot of videos produced by the Republican party, because they’re usually sort of shallow political point-scoring, but I really like this one from the NRSC celebrating the two-year anniversary of Heidi Heitkamp’s embrace of Obamacare. The video juxtaposes video of Heitkamp’s vigorous, passionate endorsement of Obamacare with her more recent