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Democrats To Use Same Campaign Platform In 2016 They Lost On In 2012 And 2014

Democrats To Use Same Campaign Platform In 2016 They Lost On In 2012 And 2014

You’ve probably heard this one before, usually attributed erroneously to someone like Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” There is truth in the statement, I think, whatever its provenance. I think it may end up applying to Democrat Sarah Vogel’s gubernatorial campaign

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Poll: North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple Is The 4th Most Popular Governor In America

According to a new poll, Jack Dalrymple is a popular guy in North Dakota. “A comprehensive survey of more than 75,000 voters in all 50 states, conducted over several months by Morning Consult, shows 34 of the nation’s governors have approval ratings of 50 percent or higher, and 16 governors have approval ratings over 60

Governor Jack Dalrymple talks about syrian refugees

Dalrymple On Refusing Syrian Refugees: “That Is Not Something A State Government Does”

Governor Jack Dalrymple was interviewed by Scott Hennen this morning on the What’s On Your Mind Show and, not surprisingly, Hennen asked about the situation with refugees and security. Specifically, Hennen asked whether or not Dalrymple would do what governor’s in other states have done which is say “no” to Syrian refugees in our state.


Dalrymple Calls On Obama To Halt Refugee Resettlement

“For generations, our country has welcomed individuals and families seeking safety and asylum within the borders of the United States,” Governor Jack Dalrymple says in a press release today. “However, I am deeply concerned about the recent terrorist attacks carried out in France and the potential for this situation to arise in the U.S., especially


Dalrymple: No Syrian Refugees Have Come To North Dakota

Earlier today I contacted Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office regarding the refugee situation in North Dakota in light of the Paris attacks. Specifically, I asked if his office was aware of whether or not any Syrian refugees have been placed in our state. “Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, the state’s only organization to assist in


“Bonusgate” In 2016? A Sign Of How Desperate North Dakota Democrats Are

As an observer of North Dakota politics it always interests me how people – particularly the politically engaged – react to a given situation. As such, I found today’s column from former Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs to be instructive. “North Dakota’s gubernatorial race grew interesting again last week, after a month or so of


Dalrymple Spokesman: Laws Were Followed When Giving Staff Bonuses

Democrats are questioning whether or not Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office followed the laws governing retention bonuses for state employees when five of the governor’s staff got nearly $100,000 in bonuses. Here’s what Robert Haider, executive director of the North Dakota Democrat Party, posted on Twitter: Are chief of staff, comms hard-to-fill? Does gov's office have


Democrats Are Misleading The Public On Governor’s Office Bonuses

Earlier today I wrote a post about nearly $100,000 in retention bonuses Governor Jack Dalrymple handed out to five staff members. Dalrymple’s defense of the bonuses holds that they were necessary to keep people in jobs that, given Dalrymple’s decision not to run for re-election, now have an expiration date. But Democrats are making political


Governor Jack Dalrymple Gives Staff Nearly $100,000 In Retention Bonuses

Political circles are buzzing today with news that Governor Jack Dalrymple has given out nearly $100,000 in retention bonuses to staff. While some of the early reports on this didn’t do a very good job with details, I can report that the bonuses did happen. I wrote about it over at Watchdog today. Here’s the


North Dakota Tax Revenues Continue To Come In Under Forecast

When the August general fund revenue numbers were released by the Office of Management and Budget last month one lawmaker described them to me with one word: “Ugly.” By that measure the September numbers (see below) are even uglier, because they show the state falling further behind revenue forecasts. Last month’s report showed the state’s