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Can The Federal Government Regulate State And Local Campaign Finance?

Can The Federal Government Regulate State And Local Campaign Finance?

Federal law prohibits contributions by foreigners to federal political candidates. The thing is, federal law also prohibits contributions by foreigners to state and local candidates. That has become an issue in North Dakota as Democrats have made a stink over a few donations by foreigners to the recent campaigns of Governor Jack Dalrymple and state


Referendum In The Works For North Dakota Oil Tax Reform?

It’s obvious that North Dakota Democrats plan to make oil tax reform passed by the Legislature earlier this year a campaign issue in 2016, but could they try and refer that issue to the ballot before them? HB1476 ended the so-called “big trigger” exemption tied to oil prices which might have eliminated the state’s extraction


Dalrymple Is A Poor Leader On Higher Education

Governor Jack Dalrymple can be a frustrating person when it comes to higher education. For one thing, he’s rarely visible taking a leadership role on the issue despite one scandal after another which has diminished the public’s trust in the institutions. For another, Dalrymple seems intent on enabling the status quo at the universities. A


Dalrymple Veto Protects Golden Parachutes For University System

After former North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani was sent packing after a group of university presidents all but declared war on him he was given a cushy golden parachute package to go away. In fact, Shirvani is still on the state’s payroll until June 30 2015. He was first relieved of his duty in


Governor Jack Dalrymple Exaggerates Tax Relief By Nearly 70 Percent

Another legislative session has come and gone, and once again Governor Jack Dalrymple is touting tax relief which isn’t really tax relief. Governor Jack Dalrymple “has signed into law an additional $397 million in property tax relief,” his press office sent out last week. But there’s a problem with that number. The bulk of it


The Real Missed Opportunity: ND Lawmakers Should Have Repealed Gay Marriage Ban

Earlier this year when lawmakers declined to pass SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple said they’d “missed an opportunity.” He was wrong. That legislation was bad policy. But lawmakers did miss an opportunity on gay rights this session. It seems that this summer America will more than likely see a blanket legalization of gay

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It’s Going To Be Tough For Heidi Heitkamp To Run In 2016

Democrats have a problem with their Senators wanting to run for Governor in 2016 ahead of what looks to be a very ugly cycle for them in 2018. Senators Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), and Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) have all been rumored to be desirous of serving as the chief executive of

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Kevin Cramer On Heidi Heitkamp Running In 2016: “Why Wouldn’t She?”

I interviewed Rep. Kevin Cramer today while guest hosting for Mike Kapel on WDAY AM970 (sorry about the audio, I had my mice level way too hot). Among other things we chatted about 2016, and the long-rumored possibility that Senator Heidi Heitkamp might try a run at governor. “My whole point about it is why


Dalrymple Administration Beclowns Themselves On Discrimination Policy

Shortly after Republicans in the state House took a tough stand against SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple decided to give his colleagues a little kick in the ribs with a note to the media expressing his disappointment in the vote. The Governor didn’t make himself any friends on either side of the issue.