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American Opposition To Homosexuality Falls, But Not Opposition To Abortion

American Opposition To Homosexuality Falls, But Not Opposition To Abortion

Gallup has a poll out comparing America’s shifting views on social issues. According to the overall findings, Gallup is claiming that social conservatives and social liberals are at parity for the first time since this poll began in 1999.   I could quibble with this polling by arguing that these terms are flexible . For


Why Democrats Aren’t Likely To Gain Ground In North Dakota This Year

After a negative post about the NDGOP’s dismal 2014 fundraising, I suppose I should give Republicans a pick-me-up, so here it is. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, North Dakota is tops in the nation. “More than 178,000 interviews nationwide fueled the 2013 analysis, which examined Americans’ perceptions on topics such as physical and emotional health,

Half a Tank

North Dakota Leads States In Percentage Of Population Working

A couple of days ago Gallup released numbers showing North Dakota tops among states in that organization’s Job Creation Index. Now Gallup has another report out, this time measuring the payroll-to-population rate. “Gallup’s P2P metric tracks the percentage of the adult population aged 18 and older that is employed full time for an employer for


“Those who are familiar with the healthcare law are significantly more likely to oppose it”

Almost from the day Obamacare was shoved through Congress by a Democrat supermajority, the left has explained away the law’s poor approval ratings by suggesting that the more Americans get to know it the more they’ll like it. President Obama and his allies have even suggested that eventually the law’s critics would stop calling it


Obamacare Convincing Americans That Government Shouldn’t Promote Health Coverage

This trend line from Gallup is all the more impressive when you consider the context that goes along with the major shift it illustrates. As Democrats proposed, fought for, passed and implemented Obamacare Americans have become less convinced that health care coverage ought to be something the government concerns itself with. Here’s the partisan breakdown,


North Dakota Has The Fewest Number Of Self-Identified Gays In The Nation

I posted this earlier today in the headlines. According to Gallup, North Dakota has the lowest percentage in the nation of citizens identifying themselves as gay, lesbian or transgendered. PRINCETON, NJ — The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) ranges from 1.7% in North Dakota to 5.1% in