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Matt Evans: Our Relationship With France Is Complicated

Matt Evans: Our Relationship With France Is Complicated

Last weekend, Islamic terrorists murdered a whole bunch of people in Paris.  One of the attacks appears to have targeted the French president, in fact. As you would expect, there has been an outpouring of support for the victims of this massacre.  One thing that has also happened, and that I did not expect, is

Bob Dylan

France Charges Bob Dylan With “Public Insult And Inciting Hate”

France has filed formal charges against music legend Bob Dylan for comments he made in a 2012 Rolling Stone interview about Croations. That such charges can be filed shows the state of free speech in France isn’t good, and the dangers of the “hate speech” and anti-bullying movements: French authorities have filed preliminary charges against

Lessons to learn from the ‘Arab Spring’

NOW WHAT?: A supporter of ousted President Mohammed Morsi cries Tuesday in Cairo, Egypt, at a protest at the Republican Guard building, where 51 people were killed on Monday. By Christopher G. Adamo In 1776, the 13 American colonies declared themselves “free and independent states” and during the decade following emerged victorious against Great Britain


Group Wants Film Subsidies From North Dakota

Tonight at Fort Abraham Lincoln in Mandan Governor Jack Dalrymple and Congressman Kevin Cramer will be headlining a banquet for a movie about Teddy Roosevelt to be filmed in the state called “Young Four Eyes.” At the banquet, according to the Associated Press, the filmmakers also want to unveil plans for a “North Dakota Film


No Subsidies For The Movie Industry In North Dakota

A group of filmmakers have announced a new project in North Dakota: A film about Teddy Roosevelt based on the book “Young Four Eyes.” But their ambitions go beyond the film, apparently. They don’t just want to make a movie. They want to start a movie industry in the state, and they say the first

US President Barack Obama smiles during

The Price Of An Obama Diplomatic Appointment Is About $550,000 In Campaign Contributions

This from the self-described most transparent and ethical administration in history: The researchers compared available information on donors’ direct political contributions and “bundling” — money raised on behalf of Mr. Obama by supporters — with data on the national income of host countries, their relative level of safety, and the robustness of their tourist industries.

Muhammad cartoon

Islamists Now Targeting France After Newspaper Publishes Mohammed Cartoons

France is closing embassies and clamping down on protests after a newspaper in that country published several Mohammed cartoons (via JWF): France has temporarily closed its embassies and schools in 20 countries after a satirical magazine in Paris published insulting cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, a move it fears will add “fuel to the


The Screwed Generation

Earlier today I wrote about a surprising poll result showing strong support among younger Americans for tax cuts for all income levels, noting that this could be because of how hard younger Americans have been hit during the national recession. At The Daily Best, Joel Kotkin expands on that, noting that the “millennial generation” may