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City Of Mandan To Citizens Discussing Sales Tax Measure On Facebook: Shut Up

City Of Mandan To Citizens Discussing Sales Tax Measure On Facebook: Shut Up

A couple of days ago. on March 24, the City of Mandan posted on their Facebook page some information about an upcoming vote to raise the sales tax to pay for new recreational facilities. Today the city has now announced in a new Facebook posting that they will not be allowing “political comments” on their


Heidi Heitkamp Still Hiding From Her Constituents Behind Social Media

“Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., said he’s enjoyed working for the people of North Dakota at their at-large congressman and has also sought to remain as accessible as possible,” reported the Bismarck Tribune earlier this week. “He said accessibility equates to providing accountability to the people, something he plans to continue to do if elected to a


Anti-Bullying Campaigners Bullying Free Speech

Facebook has announced a pilot program in Maryland that will give government officials in the school districts a special channel through which to flag inappropriate content for take down. This is concerning, for obvious reasons. According to the state’s Attorney General, they envision the channel as giving the government the opportunity to take down content


Obamacare Exchange Website Cost $634 Million, Went 576% Over Budget UPDATE: Maybe Not So Much

Update: Via the Blaze, it turns out this report may not be true. The roll out of the Obamacare exchange websites have been “nothing short of disastrous,” according to CBS news. At this point, I think that’s something even the most partisan of Obama/Democrat apologists would have to admit. So how much have these “disastrous” websites


Heitkamp Holds Facebook Contest, Still No In-Person Town Halls

It appears as though Senator Heidi Heitkamp is content to use Social Media not to enhance her interactions with constituents but rather as a buffer between them and her. During the Senate’s August recess – a time when many members of Congress hold open-forum, in-person town halls with their constituents – Senator Heidi Heitkamp has


Kid Put In Jail Over Facebook Comment Is Now On Suicide Watch

Over the weekend I posted about a Texas teenager put in a jail for posting a tasteless, but perfectly harmless, comment on Facebook. Today The Blaze reports that Justin Carter, who spent his 19th birthday in jail, is on suicide watch: Justin Carter, 19, is “currently on suicide watch in Comal County Jail near San


Teenager Jailed For Months Over A Facebook Joke

Was the joke in poor taste? Absolutely. Should he have been jailed for months over it? Don’t our cops have better things to do with their time? Jack Carter says his son Justin and a friend got into an argument with someone on Facebook about the game and the teenager wrote a comment he now


Entertainment Industry Gets Social Media Inheritance Bill Amended To Exempt Copyrighted Material

HB1455, introduced by Rep. Ben Hanson, does two things. First, it prevents employers from asking employees for access to their online/social media accounts. As I’ve noted previously, this makes me a little uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea of employers asking for that sort of information, but I really don’t like the government putting the