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“We’ve Never Seen A Generation This Educated Also Be This Unemployed”

“We’ve Never Seen A Generation This Educated Also Be This Unemployed”

The quote above from from an Atlantic article about youth unemployment in the European Union. Not, thankfully, America. But still, the picture in the EU is grim, and you have to wonder how much behind the curve America is on this front: The EU unemployment rate set a new all-time high of 12.2 percent, according


Austerity Works, And The Baltics Have Proven It

Europe is in the midst of a financial crisis brought on by exorbitant spending and hugely expensive social programs creating large budget deficits and driving huge amounts of debt creation.  Here in America we have a similar problem, though we’re a bit behind the curve in comparison to the Europeans.  We, too, have exorbitant levels


European Union Considering Limits On Moving Money, ATM Withdrawal Limits

Scary: BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Commission has been providing legal advice to others who are considering possible scenarios should Greece leave the euro, a European Union spokesman said. Olivier Bailly said Tuesday that, legally, limits could be imposed on movement of people and money across national borders within the EU if it’s necessary to


While The Rest Of The World Was Deficit-Spending On Stimulus Projects, Sweden Balanced The Budget With Tax Cuts

Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg took a different approach than other European countries (not to mention America) when it came to addressing the global economic downturn. Instead of government spending in the name of economic stimulus, Sweden cut taxes. And not only cut taxes, but cut taxes for the rich too. Now the country has