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The Dakotas Are An Unfriendly Place For Democrats

The Dakotas Are An Unfriendly Place For Democrats

This Roll Call piece from yesterday about South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune’s re-election bid will sound awfully familiar to Republicans in North Dakota. Thune, you might remember, made national headlines when he unseated Democrat Tom Daschle, then the Senate Minority Leader, in 2004. In 2010 he went on to re-election without facing an opponent. And,


Democrats Are Misleading The Public On Governor’s Office Bonuses

Earlier today I wrote a post about nearly $100,000 in retention bonuses Governor Jack Dalrymple handed out to five staff members. Dalrymple’s defense of the bonuses holds that they were necessary to keep people in jobs that, given Dalrymple’s decision not to run for re-election, now have an expiration date. But Democrats are making political

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James Kerian: North Dakota Democrats Are Wandering In A Wilderness To The Left Of Relevance

The continued collapse of the Democrat party in North Dakota is getting to be such old news that it is easy to forget how remarkable it really is. After falling all over each other to proclaim the Republican legislature “extreme” and “out of touch” in 2013 the Democrats failed to make any real dent in


North Dakota Democrats More Interested In Making Points Than Laws

In my newspaper column a couple of weeks ago I opined that North Dakota Democrats seemed less interested in advancing their agenda in the state Legislature than they are in crafting political talking points. An excerpt: Democrats often gripe about the “Republican supermajority” in North Dakota, but here’s some truth about that talking point: Being


North Dakota Democrats Just Don’t Get It: Voters Don’t Want Want Balance For Balance’s Sake

“Silver lining shines within N.D. Dems’ election cloud” That’s the headline over a letter to the editor written by the Democrat leadership in the North Dakota Legislature in which House and Senate Minority Leaders Kenton Onstad and Mac Schneider do their best to spin what was an undeniably ugly election day for North Dakota liberals. For