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Federal Judge Tells Obama Administration Not To Enforce Obamacare Contraception Mandate

Federal Judge Tells Obama Administration Not To Enforce Obamacare Contraception Mandate

Obama administration Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has finalized Obamacare’s mandate regulations today, and while there is included an “accommodation” for non-profit religious institutions there is no similar accommodation for for-profit organizations. But that doesn’t matter for now, as a federal judge has ordered the Obama administration not to enforce contraception mandate on lawsuit plaintiff Hobby


Expanding Medicaid In North Dakota Would Be Short Sighted

Governor Jack Dalrymple has broken ranks with Republican opponents of Obamacare nationally and slipped the expansion of Medicaid, called for in the Obamacare law, into his budget. Dalrymple’s case for the expansion? The federal government is paying for it (at least in the short term) and Dalrymple thinks that’s “no cost” money. Because we, uh,


Obama Administration’s “Compromise” On Contraception Mandate Is No Compromise At All

With several lawsuits challenging the mandate stalled awaiting the White House’s clarification of how they’ll apply a contraception coverage mandate to faith-based employers, the Obama administration announced today a “compromise” which doesn’t really seem like a compromise at all. In fact, it kind of seems like President Obama thinks we’re stupid. Under this proposal, objecting

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Federal Court Tells Obama Administration To Re-Write Contraceptive Mandate

In a case brought against the Obamacare mandate for contraceptive coverage, the Obama administration has argued that the suit is invalid because a) they would never enforce the mandate and b) they’re going to re-write it anyway. The court ruled on that argument, and didn’t give it a lot of credence ordering that the mandate


Federal Court Issues Injunction Against Obamacare Contraception Mandate

It’s a temporary injunction, but still a positive development. (CNSNews.com) – The first private business owner to sue the Obama administration over its contraception mandate has won a small victory in the larger battle to preserve his religious liberty: A federal appeals court panel on Wednesday temporarily blocked the Obamacare mandate from taking effect against


Sandra Fluke To Campaign With Obama In Colorado

Can we admit now that the whole Sandra Fluke debacle was a political operation run by the Democrats? Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who became a national figure during the debate over the administration’s contraception mandate, will introduce President Obama at a campaign stop in Denver on Wednesday, a campaign spokesman confirmed to


Are North Dakota Democrats A Threat To Religious Liberty?

I don’t usually read columns by former Democrat Lt. Governor Lloyd Omdahl, mostly because these days it’s hard to discern any sort of a point from his ramblings. But I stumbled across this column today, about Measure 3 on the upcoming June ballot addressing religious freedom in North Dakota (see Say Anything guest posts from