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Governor Dalrymple’s Tax Commissioner Nominee Should Be Temporary

Governor Dalrymple’s Tax Commissioner Nominee Should Be Temporary

The Bismarck Tribune today chides Tax Commissioner Cory Fong for his decision to step down from his office for a job in the private sector before his term is complete. The criticism is valid, I think, mostly because it seems Republicans have become a little too comfortable with such maneuvers. Fong got his job when he


Shocker: Bribery Accusations A Pretext For Federalizing North Dakota Mining Regulations

Back during the election season two left-wing groups – the Dakota Resource Council and the Sierra Club – filed a lawsuit over contributions accepted by Public Service Commissioners Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer (who was elected in that cycle to the US House). Most political observers, I think, felt the lawsuit was about creating an


Feds Smack Down Democrats, Environmentalists On Claims Of PSC Bribery

Conveniently timed for the last election cycle, two environmentalist groups (the taxpayer-funded Dakota Resource Council and the Sierra Club) filed a lawsuit against Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and Commissioner-turned-Congressman Kevin Cramer for accepting political contributions from individuals who work in the coal industry, as well as PAC’s which represent the industry. According to them,


Judge Tosses Grand Jury Petition Accusing Dalrymple Of Bribery

Southwest Judicial District Judge William Herauf ruled yesterday that a petition to empanel a grand jury to investigate bribery accusations against Governor Jack Dalrymple was not only short signatures but also filed in the wrong jurisdiction, proving that the people behind the petition may not have as firm a grasp on the issue as they’d

PSC Candidate Brad Crabtree

Democrat Crabtree’s Criminal Complaint Flops

If there was a theme to the campaign style of Democrats in North Dakota this last election cycle it was efforts to try and silence speech critical of them, and supportive of Republicans, by claiming the speech in question was illegal. They accused Republicans of taking bribes in the form of 100% legal, 100% transparent


Heitkamp The Hypocrite Flip-Flops On Election Day Campaigning

When former NDGOP Chairman Gary Emineth filed a lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s ban on election day campaigning Democrats were quick to come out in favor of the law, opposing Emineth’s efforts. Heidi Heitkamp, in particular, was outspoken in her support. “Heitkamp says no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit, North Dakota candidates should give


Enjoy Your Free Speech Today, North Dakotans

Today my social media streams are filled with exasperated pleas for election season to be over. I can understand that. The ads get tiresome. The mudslinging becomes awful, especially the closer to election day we get. But setting weariness with the political process aside let’s all be thankful that in North Dakota, for the first

PSC Candidate Brad Crabtree

Will Democrats Crying Foul Over Corruption Return Their Union Contributions?

Democrats in North Dakota have invented a new ethical standard for political contributions. According to that standard, politicians who regulate industry should not accept political contributions from people who work in that industry or organizations representing that industry. Democrat Public Service Commission Brad Crabtree talked about this new standard recently in a video released by


Grand Jury Petition Filed In Dunn County Over Dalrymple Bribery Allegations

Under North Dakota law, a grand jury can be empanelled through the petition process. Section 29-10.1-02 of the North Dakota Century Code reads: Any judge of the district court for any county must direct, in the manner herein provided, that a grand jury be drawn and summoned to attend whenever…A petition in writing requesting the


Forum Endorses Christmann For PSC

Democrat Brad Crabtree has made central to his second campaign for the Public Service Commission in as many cycles wild-eyed accusations about allegedly unethical behavior by current members of the PSC. The Fargo Forum, while not exactly dismissing those accusations, points out that Crabtree maybe should have spent a little more time campaigning against his