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North Dakota Based Obamacare Exchange Contractor Projects Millions In Losses

North Dakota Based Obamacare Exchange Contractor Projects Millions In Losses

I’ve written about Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota subsidiary Noridian and their involvement with Maryland’s botched attempt at building a state-based Obamacare exchange previously. It appears as though the Maryland situation is having a big impact on the company’s bottom line. So much so that North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm is watching


BCBS Now Claims Obama Administration Didn’t Ask Them To Hide Enrollment Numbers

Yesterday comments from a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota official raised a lot of eyebrows. James Nichol told a crowd in Fargo that the Obama administration had asked them not to report what are, frankly, embarrassing enrollment numbers for North Dakota through the federal exchange. As of yesterday, just 20 people have managed


Health Insurance Premiums Going Up By Double-Digit Amounts Under Obamacare

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act as it is officially known, was supposed to make health insurance cheaper and easier to get. But thanks to a raft of new regulations, taxes and mandates put in place by the law insurance premiums are increasing faster than before the law. And small business owners, as well as

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Democrats Cleaning House At Blue Cross Blue Shield Of North Dakota

Last month Blue Cross Blue Shield had a lot of people in political circles in the state scratching their heads with the hire of very partisan Democrat House candidate Pam Gulleson to a new VP position overseeing the company’s government affairs division. Gulleson’s immediate superior is a former campaign manager for Heidi Heitkamp, making the


Is North Dakota’s Health Insurance Market Monopolistic?

In a report clearly timed to help make the case for the Obamacare health insurance exchanges (which, I’d remind you readers, would do little to promote competitiveness in the insurance markets), the American Medical Association is claiming that North Dakota’s health insurance market is nearly monopolistic. That’s the term used by Forum Communications reporter Patrick


Obamacare Is Going To Hit Self-Employed Americans Hard

A reader who runs his own business sent this to me today in response to my interview posted yesterday with Blue Cross Blue Shield spokesman Rod St. Aubyn who said BCBS is estimating a 75% – 100% increase in the price of individual health insurance policies (not to mention a 15% increase in the price

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Guest Post: Why North Dakota Should Run Its Own Exchange

While the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is unpopular with most North Dakotans, the constitutionality of the health care reform was upheld by the Supreme Court and arepeal seems unlikely after the November elections. Like it or not, governors and state legislatures are now faced with the decision of whether to run their own insurance exchanges under the law


Republican State Legislator Tries To Sell Party On Implementing Health Care Exchanges

In an address to a NDGOP “Victory Lunch” event, state Rep. George Keiser presented his case implementing the state-level health care exchanges from the Obamacare law. This has become a hot-button issue nationally. A half dozen Republican governors, so far, have announced that they’ll be refusing to implement the exchanges (and the Medicaid expansion the