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What Can Heidi Heitkamp’s Iran Vote Tell Us About Her 2016 Intentions?

What Can Heidi Heitkamp’s Iran Vote Tell Us About Her 2016 Intentions?

North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp kicked off a waiting game yesterday when she said, in the wake of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s announced retirement, that she would announce her intentions with regard to running for that office “sooner rather than later.” People I’ve spoken to say that’s probably September. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess as to


Video: President Barack Obama Says Harvesting Organs From Living Human Beings Is “Cruel”

Only, President Obama isn’t talking about the organ harvesting you’re thinking of: President Barack Obama told a group of young African leaders on Monday that harvesting organs from humans that are killed as part of an African ritual was “craziness” and a “cruel” tradition that needed to stop. He warned of dehumanizing marginal groups of


The Shallow Politics Of Digital Populism

What do you do when the masses threaten to turn on a high-profile and very controversial diplomatic deal? Placate them with celebrities, it seems. “Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and a host of other celebrities star in a video backing Americas’ nuclear deal with Iran, wise-cracking their way through an often surreal mixture of Hollywood, politics


Apparently The Reward For Loser Democrat Candidates Is A Cushy Federal Appointment

In 2009, after he lost his 2008 campaign to become Insurance Commissioner, Democrat Jasper Schneider was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the Director of the USDA’s Rural Development Office in North Dakota. It’s a cushy job which pretty much consists of going around the state and handing out big checks paid for


Rod St. Aubyn: Barack Obama Has Made America Less Safe

With the recently announced Iran Nuclear Accord, the Obama administration has not made America and the Middle East safer, but in reality less safe. I have never been more concerned with this administration than with this announcement. Instead of dealing with what is truly an “Evil Empire”, we have given the radical terrorists a real


Matt Evans: Our President Is Wrong Again About Gun Violence

President Obama was quick to get some camera time after this week’s shooting at a church in South Carolina.  The President transitioned from talking about the shooting into a critique of America’s gun laws. You can see his comments here. At about 3 minutes into the video, the President starts.  He laments that this is

Senators Durbin, Alexander, Heitkamp, And Enzi Speak On The Marketplace Fairness Act

North Dakota Democrats Shifting To The Right On Trade?

Last night the U.S. Senate passed a trade bill that gives the executive branch a “fast track” process to bringing trade agreements before Congress. This is a generally positive development. The easier trade is, the better off we all are. But among the surprising votes for the agreement was Senator Heidi Heitkamp. You can see


Matt Evans: If Australia Jumped Off A Bridge, Would You?

This week, President Obama was doing a bit of public speculating about the effects of hypothetical mandatory voting in the US. I say public speculating because I don’t think this is an issue that the President wants to take up and drive towards becoming policy. To lend credibility to the idea, Obama points out that


Mandatory Voting Is A Stupid Idea

President Obama thinks a law mandating that all eligible Americans vote is a “transformative” idea. Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting in the U.S. while speaking to a civic group in Cleveland on Wednesday. Asked about the influence of money in U.S. elections, Obama digressed into the topic of voting rights and said the


Six Jobs Created In North Dakota/Texas For Every One In The Rest Of The Country

Recently Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm called America’s shale plays “Cowboyistan.” “We’ve got more rigs running than in the rest of the world combined,” he told Forbes. “We’ve got highly trained and reliable rednecks to run them. And unlike anywhere else on the planet, we’ve got property rights, which enable landowners to lease out their