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Heidi Heitkamp: Don’t Tie Spending Cuts To Debt Ceilling

Heidi Heitkamp: Don’t Tie Spending Cuts To Debt Ceilling

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is quick to name as her mentor the man she replaced in the Senate, Kent Conrad. That seems apt, as Conrad’s legacy of talking tough about the debt and deficits while simultaneously being a wet blanket for any proposals to actually rein in government spending is alive in well in Heitkamp. Case


Kent Conrad Ends His Career “Not In The Room”

Senator Kent Conrad gave his farewell address to the Senate today (I’ll post video when it’s available, for now here’s a Grand Forks Herald report), which means that the eulogizing of his career by the North Dakota media will no doubt commence soon. They’ll need buckets of white wash, though I’m sure they’re prepared. If


Kent Conrad’s Partisanship Lament

It’s become fashionable, over the last several election cycles, for self-styled “moderate” politicians who are retiring to lament partisan, polarized politics on their way out the door. Senator Kent Conrad is no different. “The job is somewhat different because it’s become more political theater than getting results and quite frankly a reason why I am


Heitkamp’s Phony Balanced Budget Schtick

Democrat Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp is on a “Balance the Budget Tour” of North Dakota right now, doing her absolute best to sound like a Republican on fiscal issues. No joke. “Her plan includes lower corporate income tax rates and allowing companies to move profits earned overseas into this country tax-free if used for business


ND Senate Debate Audio: Rick Berg Versus Heidi Heitkamp

Below is the full audio from the North Dakota Senate debate between Rick Berg and Heidi Heitkamp. It was an interesting debate for how often the two candidates disagreed. Heitkamp is campaigning way, way to the right of her party (and way to the right of where she was publicly before running for Senate) and


Kent Conrad Calls For Putting The Country First In MSNBC “Exit Interview”

MSNBC is doing a series of interviews with members of the US Senate who are retiring from office after this term. Last night was Senator Kent Conrad’s turn with Chuck Todd, and he used the time to resort to cliches about partisanship and “getting results” and “putting the country first.” Which are a little hard


How Can Heitkamp Be Above The Political Fray If She Supports Harry Reid And Barack Obama?

Liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp has a new ad out today. I features two teams of pee-wee football players, one with red uniforms and one with blue uniforms, chasing and pig-piling one another on a football field as Heitkamp strides in the background lecturing about partisan politics. The message? Politics is a football scrum, and


Heidi Heitkamp Lacks The Courage Of Her Fiscal Convictions

Over the holiday weekend, in a column for the Great Plains Examiner, Democrat Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp made more of her phony “balanced budget” promises. Fiscal discipline won’t come by itself. That’s why I am committed to supporting a balanced budget amendment that doesn’t put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block. Unfortunately, this


“Senator Conrad’s tenure as budget chairman is an unmitigated disaster”

“America needs Conrad to stay on as Budget Committee chairma[n],” wrote Grand Forks Herald opinion editor Tom Dennis in 2010. Conrad was, at the time, considering a jump from his post as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee to chairman on the Senate’s Agriculture Committee. Dennis wrote that American needs Conrad’s “leadership” on budget reforms.


Heidi Heitkamp Is Either Bad At Math Or Thinks North Dakotans Are Really Stupid

You wouldn’t think a candidate for public office would want their op/ed about one of the biggest issues of the campaign season to be published in one of the state’s largest publications the Friday before a national holiday weekend, but given the content of this op/ed from Heidi Heitkamp, maybe it was on purpose. The