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Shootings In Gun-Controlled Chicago Worse Than In Al Capone Days

Shootings In Gun-Controlled Chicago Worse Than In Al Capone Days

Is gun control really doing anything to protect Chicagoans from gun violence? The facts say no: February 1, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — In this I-Team report, Chicago’s rising murder rate in a new context, how the numbers of shooting deaths compare to the city’s most notorious crime era, the one that has tarnished Chicago’s reputation


If You Want To Lower Gun Crime, End The War On Drugs

In The Atlantic, Noah Smith details some fascinating numbers about gun crimes. Many anti-gun activists and commentators have cited a study which suggests that gun deaths will surpass traffic deaths by 2015. That’s troubling, to say the least, but a little misleading. Of that total number only a fraction – about 9,000 or 1/3 of


In Making Case For Drug Prohibition, Obama Administration Claims Alcohol Prohibition Worked

If history doesn’t support your agenda, then change history. That’s how the Soviets did it. In reaction to the almost comical viral videos this week of Congressmen Jared Polis (D-CO) and Steve Cohen (D-TN) grilling the DEA chief Michele Leonhart over her agency’s marijuana policies, Republic Report took a look at the DEA’s official policy


How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does It Take To Prosecute A $200 Drug Deal?

Via Reason, a man in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was caught buying $200 worth of crack last year. For that crime he was today sentenced to 15 days in jail, a $2,500 fine, $250 in court costs and one year of having his driver’s license suspended. But that’s not really the story. The story is this