Sweden Is Trying To Outlaw Gender Differences


Stamping out differences and individuality in the name of diversity (via Robert Wargas):

“In an effort to support gender neutrality, Sweden recently added a gender-neutral pronoun, ‘hen,’ to the country’s National Encyclopedia. Slate reports that several preschools in Sweden have stopped making references to the gender of their students. Instead of calling children ‘boys and girls,’ teachers are referring to students as ‘buddies.’ One school even stopped allowing free playtime during the day because stereotypical gender patterns are born and cemented. In free play there is hierarchy, exclusion, and the seed to bullying.’ And the country just published its first gender-neutral children’s book, ‘Kivi och Monsterhund.’“

Conservatives talk a lot about how socialists want to stamp out individualism, but who knew the socialists would take it so far? To the point where they’re trying to obfuscate actual gender differences.

The idea that children can’t even be allowed to play freely lest they undermine the government’s notions about appropriate social behavior is downright chilling. But this is where we at. Individualism must be destroyed because if individuals are allowed to behave freely they might not adhere to certain notions about proper society the powers-that-be wish to implement.

In other words, you can’t just be your own person.

Rob Port

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