Straw Man Arguments And The “Right Wing Hatred” Meme

As most of you know I’ve been traveling the last several days and not paying as much attention to the blog as I normally do. Over the weekend one SAB reader who has been active on the Reader Blog wrote a post with the following image in it:


I wasn’t aware of this post until late this evening when another reader emailed me about its existence. The graphic was posted on my site, but I didn’t create it. I didn’t have any knowledge of it until tonight. And I do not condone it. Say Anything, much like Daily Kos and Red States with their reader “diaries,” has an open “Reader Blogs” section where any reader can put up their own posts. That is where this post appeared.
I have removed that post over the protestations of the author who has labeled me a “coward.” Unfortunately I did not take the post down before it was noticed by bloggers at The Daily Kos and MyDD (among other places) who are, humorously enough, now calling on John McCain to apologize for it.
Because apparently John McCain is responsible for what random internet nuts post on open blog forums.
They’re also submitting links to that post to places like Digg and Reddit in a vain attempt to use it as evidence to shore up the “sowing seeds of hatred” narrative they’ve been trying to manufacture these last few days.
Because they’d rather talk about that than Obama’s long-standing ties to terrorists and political extremists.
Say Anything, as you all know, is a wide-open forum. We tolerate all ideological viewpoints here, even ones that some find objectionable, but calling for the death of politicians is where I draw the line.
I will continue to tolerate all ideological viewpoints here, but I will not tolerate attempts to further a political agenda through threats of violence.

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