Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe To Make “Major Announcement” On Fighting Sioux Issue


FORT TOTTEN, ND – The Spirit Lake Sioux tribe, outspoken supporters of the University of North Dakota’s controversial “Fighting Sioux” nickname, will make what they’re describing as a “major announcement” tomorrow at the tribal headquarters in Fort Totten, ND.

“The Spirit Lake Nation, through its Tribal Council and the Committee for Understanding and Respect, will make a major announcement regarding the next step in their ongoing efforts to preserve the use of the Fighting Sioux name and logo by the University of North Dakota,” reads an advisory sent to the media.

My guess? The tribe is suing somebody. Most likely the NCAA. Which brings up some interesting questions as we approach a special session of the legislature to start next week in which a repeal of the state’s “Fighting Sioux” bill will be considered.

Does this give politicians stuck between pressure from the university system to repeal the bill and pressure from the public to keep the nickname an out? Can they now say that, with litigation over the issue begun by the Sioux tribe, they want to hold off until that’s resolved?

I think they can. Everyone is expecting the Fighting Sioux bill to be repealed during the special session. That looked likely, but if the Sioux announce what I think they’re going to announce it’s going to change that calculus.

Rob Port

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