Should 14 and 15 Year Olds Have Their Driving Privileges Removed?

Bill 1492, which strangely hasn’t been included in the North Dakota legislature’s main index of bills under any topic (someone trying to hide this or what?), would change existing law so that no citizen could obtain a drivers license or permit until 16 years of age.
Is this a good idea? Some would say yes, given that younger drivers tend to have more accidents than older drivers, but is delaying the driving age from 14 to 16 going to make a big difference in terms of the number of traffic accidents we see?
I doubt the change would be significant. I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be significant to justify the inconvenience it would cause many North Dakota families.
North Dakota is a big, wide-open state with little in the way of public transportation and weather patterns that make walking or riding a bike impractical (if not downright impossible) for big chunks of the year. Thus, North Dakotans are heavily reliant on cars to get around. And families are dependent on younger drivers to help run errands, transport siblings, etc. Delaying the starting age for driving from 14 to 16 is going to be a big pain-in-the-rear for a lot of citizens in this state.
Which is perhaps why the bills sponsors are keeping it somewhat quiet.
Regardless, if the people behind this want to do something to make our roads safer they should put in a requirement that elderly drivers over a certain age pass a driving test yearly. I think that elderly drivers pose a much more serious threat on the roads in a lot of ways than younger drivers. Younger drivers may get distracted, but they’re still capable at times of good driving. Older drivers are just plain awful once they get past a certain age, and endanger everyone on the road.

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