Shocker: Obama’s Communications Director Is A Maoist

But don’t take my word for it. Per Anita Dunn herself (who has a specular habit of licking her lips while she’s talking that drove me nuts when Beck played this clip like 30 times this afternoon), two of her favorite “political philosophers” are Mother Theresa and Mao:

According to ABC’s Jake Tapper, Dunn is claiming this was a “joke.” But watch the clip. The weaves Mao’s “you fight your war I’ll fight mine” quote into a larger message for students to take their own path.
That, uh, doesn’t seem to be a joke.
She does make a joke about quotes from Mao and Mother Theresa not usually being associated with one another (one waged a quiet, peaceful battle against poverty and suffering while the other murdered millions while pursuing his vision of central government), but the idea that her avowed like of Mao was a joke on her part is ridiculous.
Later in Beck’s show (before he started crying…again) he suggested that Dunn may as well have cited Hitler as one of her favorite political philosophers. Usually Beck’s histrionics turn me off, but he’s got a point with that. How can any high-level American political official seriously cite Mao as a favorite political philosopher and not be driven from office immediate with jeers and derision?
Mao was a mass murder. A tyrant and a dictator whose teachings amount to a cruel ideology that murdered tens of millions and oppressed hundreds of millions more.
Obama needs to explain to us why someone like Dunn is serving in his administration.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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