Shocker: Democrats Have Taken More Money From The Insurance Industry Than Republicans

In an effort to expose Republicans as the (as they see it) bought-off plutocrats they are, recently announced a number of ads aimed and exposing how much money certain key Republicans have gotten from the insurance industry. The problem?
It turns out that Democrats have taken more money from the insurance industry than Republicans:

Recently, leftist group “” circulated an email that revealed its intent to create advertisements that would inform Americans on how much money their elected officials were taking in campaign contributions from the insurance industry. The email promised to sway public opinion by “going on the offensive against Republicans, with a new series of tough ads that call them out for their ties to the health insurance industry.”
Here at FreedomWorks, we believe that it is imperative that accurate information be made available to the public. We salute for taking up such a noble cause and we thank them for trying to run informative advertisements. We are also hopeful that in their pursuit of the facts, will realize that both Republicans and Democrats alike have received massive amounts of campaign money from the insurance industry.
While reviewing the stats on campaign finances, FreedomWorks made a very interesting observation: Democrats, not Republicans, have received a majority of the recent political contributions made by Pharmaceutical companies and HMO providers.

So why would insurance companies be giving more money to Democrats than Republicans? Out of fear, I think. Republicans oppose a government take over of health care in America (or, at least, they’re supposed to). Democrats want to take over health care, so it behooves insurance companies to try and sway them away from that goal.
It also behooves insurance companies to get in good with the people who would be in charge if such a take over happens.
It’s counter-intuitive, I know. You’d think that, because Republicans and the insurance companies are generally on the same side of this issue, the money would reflect the same. That it doesn’t illustrates a grim reality of this big government age. Our government has become so pervasive, so intrusive, that many businesses and industries feel compelled to support even politicians they’re at-odds with on the issues for the sake of not being regulated out of business.
It’s an indication that our government has simply grown too large and too powerful.

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