Shocker: Democrats Already Claiming Voter Suppression In Wisconsin


Since the 2000 election, pitting Al Gore versus George W. Bush, it seems as though accusations of vote fraud accompany every hotly-contested election with the most ardent accusations coming from the losing side.

So it’s interesting that in Wisconsin, just 4 hours into voting, Democrats have already accused Republicans of trying to suppress votes.

With only about four hours into the Election Day voting, members of the Milwaukee Democratic Party claim that calls are going out to voters telling them if they’d signed the recall, they didn’t need to vote today.

Milwaukee County Dem Chair Sachin Chheda said that Walker supporters can’t get through the day without “cheating.”

“This latest lowlife sleaze comes on the heels of countless reports from around the state of various Republican dirty tricks on behalf of Walker,” Chheda said in a statement. “For instance, reports surfaced last weekend that Walker supporters are paying homeowners to post Walker signs on their lawns.”

Losing elections usually cause the losing side to re-evaluate their positions. But you never have to re-evaluate if you can claim that every election loss is because of cheating.

It’s a childish sort of politics, but that’s the world we live in now.

Rob Port

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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