Shocker: Anti-Romney Hecklers Getting Paid


I know Democrats promised economic stimulus and job creation, but this is ridiculous:

The protesters popping up at Mitt Romney’s rallies throughout Michigan Tuesday look like run-of-the-mill grassroots liberals — they wave signs about “the 99 percent,” they chant about the Republican’s greed, and they describe themselves as a loosely organized coalition of “concerned citizens.”

They’re also getting paid, two of the protesters and an Obama campaign official told BuzzFeed. …

Neither of the representatives agreed to give their names, but two protesters said they were getting paid to stand outside for the rally, though the wage is unclear: one said she was getting $7.25 per hour, while another man said they were being paid $17 per hour.

Meanwhile, about 50 feet away, another protest had been organized by local Democrats in conjunction with the Obama campaign. A campaign official told BuzzFeed they had nothing to do with the other group — which he said he believed they had been sent by the labor-backed “Good Jobs Now” — and confirmed that they were being paid.

I want to point out that the man in this story is getting paid $17.00/hour while the woman is getting minimum wage, $7.25.

I think our friends on the left have a “war on women” problem.

Anyway, here’s Romney responding to some of the protesters. Romney has been guilty of encouraging his supporters to heckle Obama and his surrogates – up to and including his campaign bus being driven around an Obama event honking – but at least he hasn’t stooped to paying his hecklers. Yet, anyway.

At a time when America desperately needs adult leadership, this is shaping up to be one of the most childish campaigns on record.

Rob Port

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