Sex Contracts

While browsing through Michael I came across a link to something called a “sex contract.” I clicked and much to my surprise came to a website designed to let you create a document clearly laying out exactly how far that individual is willing to go. You then apparently print this contract and have it signed by your intended partner.
From the website:

You wouldn’t get married without a prenuptial agreement or jump out of a plane without a parachute. So why have sex without a contract? This site makes it quick and easy to generate a sex consent form, detailing what you and your partner are willing, and not willing, to do.
Answer some simple questions and we will generate a custom sex contract tailored just for you and your partner. Best of all, this service is free.

The contract itself is divide into sections entitled “kissing” and “touching,” with each section enumerating which actions will be allowed and which will not. Believe me, it is very detailed.
I don’t know if this website is some kind of a joke or if it is really intended to protect people from being accused of sex crimes. If it is real it is an indicator of just how out of whack our society has become. I can’t even imagine being so worried about being accused of a sex crime that I would present my intended partner with a contract to sign. And how exactly would you expect said partner to react?
I really hope this is a joke.

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