Senior Citizen Accuses TSA of Stealing $300 From Him


The TSA is at it again.

A 95-year-old Michigan man says he was subjected to humiliating searches by security guards at San Diego International Airport and that his $300 went missing during the process.

Omer Petti, 95, said he believes an airport employee stole the cash that he was told to remove from his pocket and place in a bin on his way through security on March 29. He and his girlfriend, Madge Woodward, 85, were headed home after a family vacation in Palm Springs.

“I got set up, and they took my money,” said Petti.

This certainly sounds like a pretty neat operation. First they demand that the 95 year old remove his money from his pocket. Next they pull him aside and drag him into a private room for further screening.

When he finally gets released to collect his belongings and finds out that his money is missing he’s told that he should continue on and the thieves TSA would look into it.

Now they are saying that their video is too blurry to tell what happened to their money.

So do you feel safer that the TSA is harassing senior citizens and stealing their money?

The TSA spokesman said that they recommend that you should put your valuables in your carry on bag before you hand it over to them. He says it’s so you don’t forget it behind but I think it’s probably a lot easier than having to pickpocket. Not only that, hopefully the mark won’t notice what they are missing until they are already on their plane.

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