Senator Schumer Says We Have Three Branches Of Government: The House, The Senate And The President

The left is fond of mocking conservatives for being ignorant. When Sarah Palin flubbed and said North Korea instead of South Korea, the left roared with collective laughter. When Rep. Michele Bachmann mispronounced Iwo Jima, Chris Matthews was apoplectic.

But now here Senator Chuck Schumer listing the nation’s three branches of government as the House, the Senate and the President.

Now, I’m sure the Senator knows that the three branches of the federal government are the Congress (made up of the House and the Senate), the Executive and the Judicial branch. I’m sure this was just the sort of verbal flub anyone could make on-air.

But imagine if Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin or even, say, Paul Ryan had done it. The left would be all over it. But somehow, I don’t expect the Huffington Post to be running any snarky exposes on this particular verbal gaffe.

Rob Port

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