SEIU Thug Who Beat Up Tea Party Protester Is Asking For Workers Compensation Benefits

Because he’s claiming it was an on-the-job injury. Which might actually be right. After all, Obama put out the call to his union friends to go out and get in the faces of the tea party and town hall protesters. The SEIU answered and sent out their goons. Mr. Elston McGowan was one of said goons.

You may recognize Elston McGowan. He is the Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000 and a local Baptist minister.
He is also one of the SEIU thugs who beat Kenneth Gladney after the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in St. Louis last month. McGowan said Gladney, who is half his size, actually attacked him. He claims he was the victim even those he was hauled to jail for the attack.
** 24th State is reporting tonight that Elston McGowan is asking the SEIU for workman’s comp for the injury he suffered at the Carnahan rally while beating Ken Gladney

Apparently he’s also asking for donations to help cover his legal fees. Note at the bottom of that message where they call on help to fight against attacks on “Blacks, Latinos and labor.”
Remember that Kenneth Gladney, the man McGowan attacked, is…well…black.
It’s like these liberals can’t help themselves. It can’t just be about two groups of people disagreeing about health care. It’s always a race war or a class war too. Their political opponents aren’t just people who disagree with them. They’re evil and racists too.

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