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I’ve never really done an end-of-the-year, “top stories” post before I thought it might be fun to put one together for 2012.

There are two ways, I think, to measure the popularity of a given post on the blog. First, we can measure the number of comments a given post gets. Obviously, posts that inspire the most discussion are “popular,” at least among SAB’s commenting community.

But the truth is that the commenting community here on the blog is only a sliver of overall readership. So, the second way to measure a post’s popularity is the number of views that post got.

I couldn’t decide which way was better, and both are interesting lists (at least for me, and maybe for you too), so here are both:

Most Commented Posts On SAB For 2012

There were an average of 726 comments per day posted on SAB in 2012 (not counting spam comments). Here are the top five posts, excluding open threads:

1. $15 Trillion Later, What Has The War On Poverty Accomplished?, 406 comments

2. Black Gangs Profile, Attack White Teen Student, 393 comments

3. Why Would Proponents Of Limited Government Be Happy About North Carolina Banning Gay Marriage?, 389 comments

4. Will Obama Stand Up For American Free Speech?, 382 comments

5. Romney Picks Paul Ryan For His Running Mate, 362 comments

Most Visited Posts On SAB For 2012

I actually think this measure is the better of the two. While a given post may spark a lot of comments from the minority of SAB readers who comment on the stories, the number of people who read a given post is much more indicative of its popularity. A few of these posts really didn’t get many comments at all, but they sure got a lot of traffic.

I’m actually surprised that a North Dakota post made the top five, and was in fact the most trafficked post on the blog in 2012. The blog has a big North Dakota audience, but there is a much larger audience on the internet for national stories, so those posts are more likely to get picked up widely on social media and/or linked from other high-traffic websites.

Anyway, here’s the list:

1. North Dakota Democrats Mock Female Republican’s Breasts, 268,949 views

2. Student Gets Home-Made Lunch Taken Away By School Lunch Inspectors Because It Wasn’t Healthy Enough, 198,943 views

3. Man Attempts Shooting Spree At “The Hobbit” Movie Premier, Stopped By Man With A Gun, 175,709 views

4. Shocker: Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Film Is Funded By Middle Eastern Oil Interests, 106,761 views

5. Occupier Gets A Lesson About Socialism From A Man Who Survived It, 95,697 views

Rob Port

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