Say Anything In Print: Heitkamp Isn’t Believable As An Independent


My latest column for the Barnes County Independent is up. You can read the entire issue, including my column, here.

In it I cover Heidi Heitkamp’s not-so-believable efforts to cast herself as an independent this election cycle. An excerpt:

When Heitkamp dismissed her party’s platform, she really dismissed her party. After all, the delegates who attended the Democrat National Convention certainly felt very strongly about the platform. Heitkamp’s party leadership also felt strongly enough about the platform to ram-rod through changes over the protests of delegates.

The fact is the platform does matter, but Heitkamp can’t be seen to be associating herself with the liberal – the oh-so-progressive – goals of that platform because she has worked hard to cast herself as something other than a liberal Democrat for the purposes of the Senate race.

Read the rest.

I was remiss in not linking to last week’s issue in which I wrote about the NDSU Bison football petition fraud fiasco. You can read that here.

Rob Port

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