Saturday Linkaround/ Open Thread


Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page

Do Democrats want US to go over the fiscal cliff? – video Hannity/ Mark Steyn

Flashback 2011: Obama Claimed Fiscal Deal Could Be Reached Without Raising Taxes

How to Survive in Washington, D.C. on $3,835,616 Dollars a Day

Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy –Mark Steyn

Merry Christmas from President Obama! Citigroup cuts 11,000 more jobs

Conservative group launches campaign to ‘depose’ Boehner from speakership

#Benghazi: Looking Like A Middle East Fast and Furious

The Continuing Newsworthiness of the Weird Kimberlin-Rauhauser Story

Newly Released Photo Shows Broken Nose, Bloodied Lip On George Zimmerman

Bob Costas doubles down on call for more gun control

Judge in Fort Hood Shooter Trial Removed after ruling Nidal Hasan must Shave Beard.

‘2016’ Oscar Snub Has Filmmakers Claiming Political Bias

Chevy Volt chargers melting down. Unit reworked for 2013, and by “more consistent,” apparently they meant “slower”

Couple Faces $97K in Fines for Using Their Own Driveway

VODKAPUNDIT Covers The Week In Blogs

Oh, the humanity! The Twinkie Disaster

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