Saturday Linkaround

Ten theses on Obama’s iftar speech -This one is very good!

Top 20 Reader Comments on Obama’s Excellent LA Adventure

Obama Says His Father Served in World War II??? (Video)

Making November a Political Victory

‘Right’ vs. ‘Should’

Standing at the border, Hayworth slams McCain on immigration

Friday Night Babe Liz Vassey

Sci Fi Giant Ray Bradbury Slams Obama’s Era of Big Government

Why Won’t Bloomberg Let a Church Destroyed on 9/11 be Rebuilt?

Vintage Babe of the Week: Kim Novak

Bob Beckel: Get Over 9-11!

Hey, Maybe Los Federales Could Secure The Bridges That Cross The Border

Sacrilege at Ground Zero

Women of PETA XX

Analysts Estimate Obama’s Three-Day Dem Fundraising Tour Cost Taxpayers $2 Million…

Obama bans over 100,000 rifles

Blago Holdout Juror Involved in Chicago Politics, Big Fan of NPR, Liberal Talk Radio

Moral myopia at Ground Zero

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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