Sand Campaign Has More Debt Than Cash

Money isn’t everything in politics (as candidates who don’t raise a lot of money will tell you), but the ability to raise money and mount a credible campaign is important. Republican Senate candidate Duane Sand is known for putting up impressive fundraising numbers, but he’s also known for spending a lot of money to do that fundraising.

Sand’s year-end numbers for 2011 continue that trend:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Duane Sand raised $181,000 in the last three months of last year, and spent almost as much during the same time.

Sand’s Federal Election Commission disclosure filing on Thursday shows $164,000 in expenses along with his fundraising totals. Much of it was spent on direct mail.

His report lists about $80,000 cash in the bank at the end of last year and almost $117,000 in debts.

That means Sand is roughly $57,000 underwater in his campaign so far. At this point, he needs to be less worried about winning the NDGOP nomination than raising enough money to retire that debt lest he end this election cycle with years worth of debt to pay off.

By the way, Sand’s fundraiser in New York City with Dick Morris was yesterday. It’s a good thing this disappointing fundraising report is out today instead of yesterday. I can’t imagine a lot of would-be contributors willing to pony up cash for a candidate this far in the hole.

Rob Port

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