SAB@10: A “Resource For People To Be Informed”


Checking Say Anything Blog often is how I keep up-to-date on current national and statewide news. Their coverage of issues and common sense commentary not only reports the news but provokes thought and offers the ability to comment on the issues.

No other news source in the state covers the broad range of issues and provides the follow-up to stories the way SAB does.

I and several other legislators followed SAB during the past legislative session and continue to do so throughout the year. Most local newspapers don’t cover much about the legislative sessions but I noticed some of my constituents were following SAB and would contact me about legislation they read about on the blog.

Having this resource for people to be informed is positive for the whole process.

I congratulate Rob Port on this ten year anniversary of Say Anything Blog and wish him many more years of success.

Rep. Dan Ruby

Dan Ruby represents District 38 in North Dakota's legislative assembly.

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