Ron Paul Still Pandering To 9/11 Truthers

I won’t, as some are, come right out and say that this makes Paul himself a Truther. But his refusal to tell the Truther asking him the question that he isn’t pursuing “9/11 truth” because we already know the truth is bad enough in and of itself.

Troofer: If we’re going to audit the Fed, don’t we need to also have to audit the IMF, given they’re connected?“
Ron Paul: Well they’re not under the Fed. But, what you’ll do is expose connections. We have a document that shows that the Federal Reserve went to the IMF, made the IMF pay interest to a private bank that made a loan and they were going broke. So, it’s very much involved. The audit- you would dig up alot of shenanigans because that’s one thing they don’t want us to know is all their arrangements with foreign governments, foreign banks and international banking organizations. We wouldn’t audit everything the IMF does, but every time the IMF had a dealings with the Federal Reserve, we would have that.
Troofer: Ok and one last thing. Why don’t you come out about the truth about 9/11?
[Pause…] Ron Paul: Because I can’t handle the controversy. I have the IIF, the Federal Reserve to deal with, and the IRS to deal with. Because, no I just have work— too many things on my plate. Because I just have too much to do.
Troofer: Alright, thank you sir. Thank you very much.
Ron Paul: Ok. ok.

Note to Ron Paul and anyone else who might think 9/11 was a conspiracy: The twin towers fell down because planes crashed into them. This was witnessed in person by hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people, and wild theories about “controlled explosions” and “fire can’t melt steel” have been shot down again and again by science, fact, reason and logic.
Pretending otherwise, or even catering to those who do, is tantamount to believing that the sky is pink. That Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. That we never really landed on the moon. And that the Holocaust never really happened.
Usually the simplest explanation is the correct one.
Things like this, and Paul’s acceptance of money from neo-Nazi activists and subsequent refusal to return it, are what keeps me from supporting the man. I agree with a good deal of what he stands for, but his willingness to flirt with racists and conspiracy mongers turns me off.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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