Rich, Liberal Entertainers Hiding Their Fortunes From Taxes

While simultaneously calling for higher taxes on the rest of us to help alleviate world poverty, global warming, etc.
It’s the height of hypocrisy, isn’t it? These people are all about increasing the size of government, and thus it’s burden on taxpayers, in order to facilitate their well-intentioned philanthropy, yet when the tax bill for that philanthropy comes due their income is out of reach of the government.
I think that’s a point a lot of people miss in the debate over taxes. When efforts are made to alleviate taxes like the death estate tax people complain that it’s tax relief for the wealthy. What those people don’t get is that the truly wealthy usually avoid such taxes because they can afford to do things like set up off-shore foundations and tax shelters. Your average, moderately wealthy small business owner or farmer are usually the ones who get stuck paying such taxes.
Personally, I’m all for people doing whatever they can, legally, to avoid paying taxes. I just think that if you’re the sort of person who advocates for bigger government, and thus bigger tax bills, you shouldn’t be skirting your share of the burden.

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