Reporters Caught In “Hot Mic” Moment Mocking NRA


A group of reporters waiting for today’s State Department announcement were caught commenting on the NRA press conference, mocking the NRA and praising the far-left Code Pink group for crashing the event with a protest.

From Breitbart:

Reporters waiting for the daily State Department press briefing were overheard slamming the NRA press conference for content as well as their inability to control the room. “They [The NRA] basically said it’s [the CT shooting] everybody’s fault but ours,” said one reporter as he lamented that the chair did not mention assault weapons. A woman added that Medea Benjamin and the other code pink protesters “did a really good job.” The female reporter praised the Code Pink protesters for having big enough signs to cover the NRA Chair’s head to obstruct it from being viewed by the cameras. The group then laughed about the security at the NRA event claiming that the chair was “probably packing” and that surely no one would be “stupid enough” to pull a gun. They also said that the security of the event looked like WWF wrestlers and joked that they probably hit Medea Benjamin with a chair after they dragged her from the room.

But remember, these people are objective. They’d never, ever let their personal feelings and biases color their reporting.

Which is why the coverage of Connecticut school shooting, and the resulting debate over gun control, has been handled in such a even-handed way.

This is exactly why the rise of the internet, and the democratization of the media, is a great thing. The American public never would have learned about this in the fondly-remembered (by mainstream media apologists) days of media dominated by traditional newspaper/television/radio reporters.

These aren’t reporters. These are activists. Which doesn’t mean that they don’t have every right to ask questions and write their stories. It just means they should stop lying about their objectivity.

Rob Port

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