Rep. Cramer: Farm Bill Debate Was “Intellectually Dishonest”

Rep. Kevin Cramer was on Chris Berg’s Valley News Live show last night talking about the passage of the farm bill, and he expressed some dismay with the quality of debate around the bill calling it “intellectually dishonest.”

He took exception with Democrats suggesting it represents a dismissal of food stamps policy, but according to Cramer that welfare entitlement isn’t going anywhere.

“Food stamps are permanent law,” he said. “It’s mandatory spending.”

“The bill they voted on in June had some modest cuts to the food stamps program, but now food stamps will stand on their own as permanent law and now the…farm portions of the bill are permanent law.”

“We will take up a separate farm bill as well.”

In Minot this afternoon I had an opportunity to talk with Rep. Cramer (he was on a tour of the Bakken with other members of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee) and he said that ultimately he felt the Senate/House conference committee on the bill would produce something similar to the June iteration of the farm bill, which would pass all the farming legislation along with modest cuts to food stamps.

Rob Port

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