Reid Pulls Spending Bill After Republicans Remember They Are Being Watched

That didn’t take long. After word got out about all the earmarks in the omnibus spending bill with R’s attached to them, Senate Republicans announced they would no longer vote for it, causing Senator Harry Reid to pull the measure.

Senate Democrats abruptly pulled down an omnibus spending bill after senior Republicans – caught with their hands in the cookie jar — deserted the measure in an effort to square themselves with tea party activists and conservatives in the party.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the announcement and signaled he would substitute a short-term spending resolution for the much more detailed year-long $1.1 trillion plus measure which many in the GOP had been quietly rooting for just weeks ago.

It would be easy to say that the publicity surrounding the large number of earmarks in the bill belonging to Republicans led to this reversal. It would also be a trivial matter to claim that the successes of Tea Party candidates in the recent midterms is planted firmly in the minds of those Republicans who were denouncing earmarks in speeches and press conferences while at the same time holding out their hands for their share of the lucre. That’s because these things are undoubtedly true.

The Republican victories in the midterms were a start, but by no means the end of the journey to fiscal responsibility. Pressure from the incoming Congresspeople who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and the continued vigilance of citizens are needed to continue the push for smaller government, smaller deficits, and transparency in how our tax money is used. This bill being pulled is a start.

Jay Winkis

Jay Winkis lives in Horace, ND and works in Fargo. He likes cooking, politics, guitars, books, poker and whiskey, though certainly not in that order. He is either a liberal Conservative or a conservative Liberal, whichever makes you angrier. He blogs at Pocket Jacks.

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  • Fundisi

    Pressure from the incoming Congresspeople who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and the continued vigilance of citizens are needed to continue the push for smaller government, smaller deficits, and transparency in how our tax money is used. This bill being pulled is a start.

    Exactly right!

  • Spartacus

    That’s the problem with the 6 year rotations in the Senate. My Senator Lugar needs a Ruger at his temple to convince him that his job is to work for constituents, that’s why he’ll be primaried in ’12. Ole buckey is getting too long in the tooth.

    • borborygmi

      Yes a gun to the temple is always the answer. If he still ignored you would you pull the trigger?.. .
      Go beat your chest someplace else. Idiot.

      • Roy Jacobsen

        Never heard of figurative language, have you?

        • borborygmi

          Their is figurative and then just plain chest beating Roy. It is a form of pandering that the conservatives suck up and live on.

          • Polly

            I know you’re very busy but you obviously failed to read Spartacus’s whole comment. You missed “that’s why he’ll be primaried in ’12.” You see, you can’t primary a dead man, so Spartacus was pretty much saying Sen. Lugar will not be shot dead before his next primary.

            Lugar “will be primaried in ’12”; now there’s some chest beating and pandering I can live with.

          • flamemeister

            I thought it was just a little fun with “Lugar” and “Ruger” which rhyme more or less. If he had said “a Smith & Wesson .357 with bear loads held to the base of his neck while I have him tied to a tree in some remote part of the woods staring at his pre-dug shallow grave” I would have felt more uneasy about it.

  • flamemeister

    Republican participation in the omnibus spending bill—WSJ
    Republicans Kick the Spending Dope

    “[O]mnibus author and Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye dug up earmark requests that Senate Republicans had made in the past year (prior to their self-imposed ban) and, unasked, included them in the bill. He lavished special, generous attention—$1 billion worth of it—on some reliable GOP earmark junkies: Mississippi’s Thad Cochran got $512 million; Utah’s Bob Bennett, $226 million; Maine’s Susan Collins, $114 million; Missouri’s Kit Bond, $102 million; Ohio’s George Voinovich, $98 million; and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, $80 million.”

    • Fundisi

      I refuse to believe those wonderful Democrats are capable of doing anything underhanded, surely this must be a mistake – and don’t call me Shirley.

      • borborygmi

        Closet reference….surely Shirley

        • Fundisi

          No Nancy, it was a funny line from the movie called “Airplane” delivered by the late Leslie Nielson, but obviously you are the one with the problem.

          • borborygmi

            REALLLLLLY I never knew that Shirley. I was just wondering if it was just Freudian oops/

          • Fundisi

            Why don’t you leave home, cut the umbilical cord to mommy and grow the hell up!

          • borborygmi

            Oooooh a sensitive spot Neiman. That shows weakness Shirley.

          • Fundisi

            Well, I would just tell you to take the down escalator into Perdition’s Flames, but oops . . . . too late, you already have a rock solid reservation.

          • flamemeister

            If his sensitive spots were visible, he’d look like he had chickenpox.

    • realitybasedbob

      So they were for earmarks before they were against earmarks?

      • flamemeister

        Yes ….. ? Is this as stupid a question as it appears to be? If you can’t spell the one-word answer, ask someone.

        • realitybasedbob

          What is the over/under on when gop will be for earmarks again?
          If you need more fingers, use your other hand.

          • flamemeister

            Stupid is a very deep rut for you, isn’t it?

          • realitybasedbob

            When I look down and see you, I’ll take my position every time.

          • flamemeister

            It is exactly that very position that defines you as an asshat. Try looking down from that position and you’ll see some daylight and the air will be fresher.

          • realitybasedbob

            Mr. Meister, have you now turned into poof?
            His secret weapon is the glue sniffing line.
            Oh man is that one killer.
            You should try it next time.

          • flamemeister

            Hee-hee. Got to ya.

          • realitybasedbob

            Ah…no but your pork pulling line was pure poof.
            It’s nice to see you have a roll model.
            A bad roll model, but anythings gotta be better than just posting as yourself.

          • flamemeister

            Hee-hee. Got to ya.

  • JustRuss

    As flames comment suggests, those earmarks were not even requested specifically for this omnibus bill by those senators. They were put there strategically by a democrat to make republicans look bad, or as incentive for those republicans to pass it, or both.

    I’m not letting those republicans off the hook, but this is just another example of READ THE DAMN BILLS!

    • sbark

      Saul Alsinky Rules for Radicals #4

      Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

      but in reality…..the Liberal actually did us a favor in helping stop the bill, best thing that could have happened.

      Maybe now the GOP will pull out all the stops on the other Lame Duck crap…….DADT, Start, Dream etc etc…….

    • $96939

      “those earmarks were not even requested ”
      How can you beat Democrat psychics?

  • Sam

    Let’s keep shining light on these people and their antics. If they keep this up, the anger of the electorate will not subside, but carry over into 2012.

  • Mountainmouth

    Give it a rest Harry (don’t come back till Jan 5) – Merry Christmas America.

  • robert108

    So, the Republicans kept their promise to cut wasteful spending, while the Dems tried even more of their usual tax and spend activities. What’s the big deal? In the end, the American people win.
    All the rest is leftie lying and dirty tricks.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    The losers should go home and find honest work.

  • Spartacus

    In investment terms Harry shorted his party. BWAHAHA. Only a few more days to go Harry!

  • Enigma_Cypher

    I’ve said this before, but the Conservatives need to intensify the pressure on the Republicans.

    • 2hotel9

      Yep, put their a$$es in the fire and stoke it up.

  • 2hotel9

    Amazing, Democrats thought the people would ignore this and they could go back to bidness as usual.

    And note that realitydenyingboob goes straight to violence in the 3rd comment. Typical racist Democrat a$$hole behavior.

  • SigFan

    About time that these drones came to their senses. I also see that the house passed the tax package and is sending it on to Obama. While I’m not happy about some of the compromises that were included in it, you can almost hear the country let out a collective sigh of relief. Maybe, just maybe, people and business will gain enough confidence from this to start the economic engine back up. Let’s hope so. With all that though I agree with both Enigma and 2H9 – this is the time to ratchet the pressure up on them, not back off. We still have a ton of work to do to restore fiscal sanity and governmental restraint to this country and now is the best opportunity we’re going to get.

  • Republic!

    There is a distinction between pulling the bill and voting down the bill. It is going to be broken up and put into other bills.

    I wonder if even the new guys get it. What we want is NO MORE NEW LEGISLATION. There is not one single thing that needs more regulation, more funding (except perhaps the military). What ever new legislation there may be needs to be written as follows.

    ______________ is hereby repealed.

  • realitybasedbob

    The news leaked out (on the Senate floor in front of the CSPAN cameras) the the 1.1 trillion was actually the gop number. Did anyone else see the bipedal goofball from Texasland not defend his earmarks by saying he opposed earmarks.

    Oh gop, you’re so gop.