Rasmussen Poll: Fred Thompson Tops On Illegal Immigration, McCain Comes In Last

That last bit isn’t particularly surprising given McCain’s abandonment of the conservative base in favor of a compromise with Ted Kennedy of all people on amnesty.

(January 18) The day before South Carolina’s Republican Primary, the Rasmussen Poll of the state shows the frontrunners as McCain (24%), Huckabee (24%), Romney (18%) and Thompson (16%). Of the four, according to NumbersUSA President Roy Beck’s Presidential Grid that rates each candidate in 16 immigration categories, Fred Thompson scores the highest. And Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) scores the lowest overall. The ratings are based on how well a candidate’s immigration stances would protect American workers, taxpayers, communities, infrastructure, individual freedom and the environment.

Also, activist/columnist/pundit Melanie Morgan from Move America Forward has endorsed Thompson today as well:

Folks, it comes down to this basic premise:
The former Tennessee senator represents the best hope not just for Republicans and conservatives, but, most importantly, the best hope for America.
As a conservative Republican, I’ve endured more than my fair share of elections where I was told to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of evils.
That rankles me.
But in this presidential election we have the chance to vote for a man who represents an ideal package: a fiscal conservative, a social conservative and a conservative on national security issues. None of the other presidential candidates are as consistently conservative on the array of issues facing this nation as Fred Thompson is. It is fun, though, watching as they all try to reinvent themselves in some kind of election year extreme makeover.
What I admire most about Fred Thompson is that he doesn’t apologize for his conservatism.

The “hold your nose” line resonates with me, and I think it resonates with a lot of other voters too. The sheer diversity in Republican candidates this election – from the Buchananite Ron Paul to the possible independent run by country club Republican Michael Bloomberg – it’s clear that the GOP base isn’t just looking to win this election, but win with someone they don’t have to make a lot of excuses for.
That’s how I feel about Thompson.

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