Rahm Emanuel: If Republicans Oppose Obama They’re Not Being Constructive

The Obama administration is talking “bipartisanship” again. And once again, that means “Republicans had better get on board with our liberal agenda, or else.”

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said on ABC’s “This Week” that President Barack Obama will sign a bill on national service Tuesday as a symbol of his willingness to work with Republicans when they are willing to be “constructive.”
“When you’re the party of no, when you’re the party of never, when you’re the party of no new ideas, that’s not constructive,” Emanuel told host George Stephanopoulos. “We’ll work with people of all sides and ideology to get things done.
“And I think you’ll see this on Tuesday. The president will sign landmark legislation for national service. And the sponsors are Senator Kennedy and Senator Hatch, a Republican. And if you go through the process … health care, national service, as well as getting the resources necessary for stabilizing the banks, every one of those have been bipartisan. But the challenge will be: Will the Republicans come to the table with constructive ideas.”

You gotta love how he puts that. Either Republicans agree with Obama, or they’re just being obstructionists with no “new” or “constructive” ideas.
Now, I’ll admit that in the long run it’s never a good political strategy to simply be against everything and not every really for anything. But stopping policies that will, in fact, fail and/or exacerbate the problems they were intended solve is, actually, constructive. And given that Republicans are the minority party to the near super majority Democrats they simply don’t have the luxury of setting the agenda.
So disrupting Obama’s plans is all they’ve got.
Now, conveniently, liberals have chosen to define that as not being constructive. As wanting Obama to fail. But if Obama is promoting bad policy, why wouldn’t we want him to fail? And certainly this is a departure from Democrats, who had no problem saying that they wanted Bush to fail or obstructing his political agenda (which was met with cries from Republicans about “obstructionism” that were equally as dumb as the cries of “obstructionism” Democrats are making now).
It’s all a political game. As much as liberals like Rahm Emanuel might want to claim otherwise, there isn’t anything wrong with opposing Obama.

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