“Queen Of Rage” Not All That Enraged About Newsweek Cover

This Newsweek cover featuring a something less-than-flattering picture of Rep. Michele Bachmann has raised quite a few eyebrows, and not just among conservatives. Even the National Organization for Women, a group that shares little in common with Bachmann politically, wasn’t happy with the cover or the headline “Queen of Rage” that was ran beneath the photo.

But you know who doesn’t seem all that perturbed by it? The supposed “queen of rage” herself. She was asked about it at a campaign event in Iowa and apparently hasn’t even seen the photo yet despite it being news on the internet for days now:

Not a lot of rage in that clip, is there?

I don’t really like comparing Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. It’s fashionable to lump them together just because they’re prominent conservative women, and that’s really sort of unfair to both of them. But if there’s one thing I do admire of Bachmann over Palin is her ability to shrug off blatantly biased and unfair media attacks like this one.

As unfair as the media has been to Palin – and “unfair” is truly inadequate for the way she’s been treated – there were times when Sarah almost seemed to revel in it. There’s little of that with Bachmann, who often laughs off the worst barbs aimed at her.

I’m reminded of how Bachmann responded to a somewhat sexist remark from the Pawlenty campaign on the Scott Hennen Show. A Pawlenty staffer had attributed, in a demeaning way, much of Bachmann’s popularity to her “sex appeal.” When asked about the comments, Bachmann said that as a 50-something mother having sex appeal “sounds pretty good.”

Comparing Republicans to Ronald Reagan has been so many times the comparisons are almost worthless, but it’s worth remembering that one of Regan’s most powerful political tools was his ability to defuse criticism and attacks with charm and humor. Bachmann, it seems, has that same ability.

Rob Port

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