PSC Brian Kalk: Obama Cartoon Issue Is A Distraction

Brian Kalk

I posted yesterday about a hissy-fit Democrats were throwing over a public employee in the state’s Public Service Commission office having a something-less-than-tasteful cartoon of Barack Obama in his cubicle. According to them, the cartoon represents some sort of disturbing trend indicative of, uh, having too many Republicans on the commission.

Or something like that.

Anyway, PSC Brian Kalk was on my radio show this morning and was interviewed by my guest host Gene Graner and called said hissy fit a distraction. Something launched by a bunch of desperate partisans looking for useful talking points. Per Kalk, the political discussion should be about issues and not some cartoon some government employee had hung up in his private cubicle. has the story.

Is it appropriate for a public worker to have an off-color cartoon of the President hanging up in a government office? Probably not, though it’s not like this was hanging out where the public saw it.

But is it indicative of some sinister trend at the commission? Only if you’re a North Dakota Democrat desperate to win an election, any election, this campaign cycle.

Rob Port

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