Pro-Adultery Internet Site Puts Up Billboard Endorsing Newt Gingrich is apparently a dating website…for married people. That’s right, they’re pro adultery, which I want to say is kind of disgusting. I’m don’t care much what people do with their private sexual lives, but it seems to me that promoting betrayal is a pretty despicable thing to do.

Anyway, now they’re endorsing Newt Gingrich, which is actually kind of funny.

This may be one endorsement Newt Gingrich wishes he didn’t receive.

Ashley Madison, a “pro-adultery” website whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair,” put up a billboard in Bucks County, PA, that “endorses” Newt Gingrich for president. Gingrich has famously admitted to extramarital affairs in the past.

The billboard boasts a large picture of Gingrich, with the text, “Faithful Republican, Unfaithful Husband. Welcome to the Era.”

From the official statement put out by the company:

Now that Newt is the leading contender in the race for the GOP nomination, we felt compelled to make a point to illustrate how times have changed when a serial divorcee/adulterer is capturing the hearts of the American people.

Gingrich proves that marital fidelity has no bearing on someone’s ability to do a job. Rather than judge him, Americans have finally embraced the reality that affairs are commonplace, and perhaps paradoxically, might be an indication of great leadership to come. He is not the first nor last politician who will step outside of their marriage.

I actually think that being an adulterer does reflect on someone’s ability to do their job. Electing a political leader is all about trust. They campaign on a certain platform of ideas and promises, and we elect them trusting that they mean what they say. If a politician cannot keep the most intimate of promises to his/her spouse, why would we believe they could could keep their promises to the electorate?

Mind you, this isn’t an “upholding traditional marriage” thing for me. It’s an honor thing. If you’ve cheated on your spouse, that’s not honorable.

Rob Port

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