Pollsters Excluding Bloggers And Blog Commenters?


A reader just sent this to me this evening:

Rob, I just got almost-polled. Apparently, saying “yes” to the question of “do you have a political blog [I don’t] or do you comment often on political blogs [I do]” disqualified me from whatever else they were going to ask. I do not know who they were polling for. That question came immediately after the one about anyone in the household working for news media or political parties/candidates.

I’ve never been weeded out like that before.

That’s the first I’ve heard of it too. I wonder what sort of a sample they could be trying to reach by including bloggers and blog commenters? And why blogs specifically? They’re worried about blog commenters but not, say, people who comment on newspaper sites? Or Facebook posts?

Regardless, it just goes to show how pollsters manipulate samples to reach the conclusions they want.

Have any of you readers out there received a call like this?

Update: Per the comments, it seems that at least some of these calls are coming from a Bismarck-based number.

Rob Port

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