Poll: Would You Have Approved If Silda Spitzer Had Punched Eliot When They Were On That Stage?

And punched him right smack in the face. I would have definitely approved. In fact, I would have paid to see it.
I’m not the sanctimonious or self-righteous type but the look of pain and humiliation on that woman’s face was heart wrenching. And it made me wonder – why would she stand there beside a husband who had just admitted publicly to not only being a cheat, but a cheat who resorts to hookers to get his jollies?
Her pain and humiliation must have been off the scale. So – why do women who find themselves in that position do things like that? Some of the more recent cases – Larry Craig’s wife standing beside him (okay, I know, weak case, can’t prove it, all that, but we all know he was hustling in that stall and so does his wife), David Vitter’s wife at his side after it was shown he’d been hitting the hooker circuit in New Orleans, and then there is the Queen of Stand By Your Man Land – Hillary.
She stood by Bill even after the issue of the stained dress came to light. Yeesh.
Of course, some of those women like the public adoration of being the wife of a Senator or Governor – or a President – and they’ll stick it out because, hey, they don’t want to lose what they have, either.
Others, and I suspect this may be the case with Silda Spitzer, stick it out because of sheer loyalty.
Personally, I would have loved it if she had socked him right in the mouth in front of all those cameras and then turned and walked away. There is no WAY that my wife would share the stage and face that kind of humiliation had that been me. Wait: I take that back. There are two ways she would do that.
One: As she chased me past the podium, probably with some sort of firearm in hand. My statement as I streaked by would be brief.
Two: If she stood behind me as I admitted to the nation and the world that I’d just made a fool of her by being a philandering whoremonger it would only be so she could position herself to plunge something sharp into one of my kidneys. Just kidding. I think.
In any case, sleeping at home would become a very, very bad idea.
I’d like, just for once, to see one of those women to make as big a fool of her husband in front of millions of people as he had just made of her. My question stands:If Silda Spitzer had popped ol’ Eliot in the eye right there on that stage, would you have approved? I would.
Because if there is ever, ever an excuse to punch your spouse, she has one.

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