Pictures: The Keystone XL Pipeline Sits Waiting For Obama’s Approval To Be Built


“I thought you might be interested in some pictures I took of a stockpile in Gascoyne, ND,” a SAB reader wrote to me yesterday including a link to this gallery of photos. “There is a yard there filled with pipe that will form the Keystone pipeline.”

The reader writes that the stockpile makes him feel confident that, one day, the pipeline will be built. ” I got a warm fuzzy feeling that the pipeline will be built when I saw the scale of this,” he wrote. “Gascoyne is one of several sites where pipeline is being stockpiled.”

The confidence is warranted I think, especially given the direction the national election seems headed these days, but still it’s a little sad to see evidence of such an important piece of energy infrastructure sitting disassembled waiting on political obstructionists to get out of the way.

While that pipeline sits in parts, trucks carrying North Dakota oil out of the Bakken are crowding our roads. The Keystone XL pipeline could take as many as 500 of those trucks off the road. That means fewer accidents, less traffic and less chance of spills because pipelines are a safer method for transferring petroleum than trucks and even trains.

Rob Port

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