Petraeus Personally Investigated Benghazi Attack


From ABC News:

In late October, (Former Director of Central Intelligence David) Petraeus traveled to Libya to conduct his own review of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

This new discovery casts an even darker shadow over why Petraeus, who resigned as the Director of Central Intelligence on Nov 9th after his affair with Bismarck native Paula Broadwell was discovered as part of an FBI investigation, will not testify in closed session this week to the Senate Intelligence Committee as originally planned. Add this to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s apparent wine-tasting “scheduling conflict” and you have makings for an administration in full delay, distract, and dilute mode regarding the Benghazi tragedy.

In his own defense, apparently Petraeus feels he no longer should testify:

Petraeus has offered two reasons for wanting to avoid testifying: Acting CIA Director Morell is in possession of all the information Petraeus gathered in conducting his review and he has more current information gathered since Petraeus’ departure; and it would be a media circus.

If this really is his stance, there are a few fatal logic flaws that even the youngest private who served under him while in the Army would see through:

  • * The point of a congressional hearing is not to present a report which the committee members should already have been provided before the meeting. The point is to allow those committee members to ask him the hard questions that must be asked about this tragedy — and for him to provide them answers.
  • * Petraeus, of all people, should recognize the importance of the impressions and observations of the person “on the ground” to this hearing. No report handed off to a replacement can ever substitute. He valued those same inputs from the subordinate commanders he led while in the Army, and had those same impressions and observations valued by those who led him while he was a more junior officer coming up through the ranks.
  • * The actual hearing Petraeus and Clinton will duck out of is closed due to the sensitive nature of the information to be discussed. While the media may speculate on what was covered, and claim to have some inside baseball information, it will be difficult to generate a circus when the big tent will be closed to the media and public.
  • * Right now, with the truth unfolding too slowly after misinformation (some will argue disinformation) ruled the days and news cycles after the Sept 11th attack, a media “circus” may be exactly what is needed. The biggest problem with Benghazi-gate (not including four Americans being killed while their leadership watched via drone and did nothing to help) is a lack of truth.

It is time the media — and the people of this republic — insisted on a more rapid and full disclosure on Benghazi. Perhaps Charles Krauthammer is right — now that there is a sex scandal tied to it, we may finally get some answers:

“This is a sex scandal that mainstream media has now embraced; but, it leads to the story they have ignored.”

Congress must insist, with all the authority and influence they possess, on testimony from Petraeus and Clinton. The people of this nation whom they serve, and especially the families of four dead Americans, are entitled to the truth that has been lacking for too long.


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