Pelosi: Democrats Lost Because Bush Ran Unemployment Up To 9.5%

Of course, Democrats were in control of Congress from 2006 until not so many days ago and Bush hasn’t been President since 2008, but that doesn’t matter on Planet Pelosi:


“We still would have lost the election because we had 9.5% unemployment. Let’s take it where that came from. The policies of George W. Bush and the Republican support for his initiatives, tax cuts are for the wealth, recklessness by some,” says Pelosi.

Of course, the government manipulations of lending that created the subprime mortgage market in the name of turning housing into some sort of a social program entitlement for the poor had nothing to do with our national recession.

Nothing at all. Nope, it was letting Americans keep more of their own money. That was the problem.

Rob Port

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